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There are a few types sohai in DotA that are very annoying. They don’t understand DotA is a multiplayer game.

1. He joinned a 10 players public game and after he was pawned 2 times, he left the game. NOOB SOHAI.

2. After the game started, he type in -random to pick a random hero. I thought he is a pro. End up that he didn’t like the hero and he immediately left the game. ACT-LIKE-A-PRO SOHAI.

3. A teammate dropped off from the game leaving his teammates some items, he took all the items himself without sharing with his teammates. Worst, he sold all of them for 50% gold instead of giving to teammates who need them. SELFISH SOHAI.

4. For the whole game, he solo from the start to the end. He farms creeps or kills hero all by himself. Or course, he dies alone too. Why don’t he just play with the computer AI if he like to solo so much? SOLO SOHAI.

5. He scold people NOOB while he himself is the real NOOB. While everyone is already level 15, he is still level 9. He killed 0 but get killed 18. SUPER NOOB SOHAI.

6. Almost all DotA games is at least 1 hour long. But after 30min in the game, he told all the players he had to leave because his cyber cafe package was going to time-out! %^*$#^% HEAD-NEED-TO-BE-CHOPPED-OFF SOHAI.

7. “Sorry Guys I have to leave because my dad ask me to go supper”, “I have to leave because my mum is very mad now”, “I have to leave to take dinner” … LAME EXCUSE SOHAI.

8. He ‘tunjuk perasaan’ after his teammates say something he don’t like. He want to revenge his teammates. So he intentionly and repeatly get himself killed by the enemies and say, “I don’t care, I’ll feed them!”. ACT-LIKE-A-KID SOHAI.

9. He saw 4 enemy heroes partying and he thought he can kill 4 of them. So he run to them and before he manage to hit once, he was already a dead duck. BRAINLESS SOHAI.

10. When all of us are busy farming peacefully without any battles, suddenly he get killed. This doesn’t make any sense. Who killed him? After we read the sub title, he was killed by neutral creeps!!! DAI SOHAI!

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