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Playing Dota Smoking
You are stressed the whole game. Smoking reduces stress.
You get frustrated when you get killed, losing or your teammate is a noob. Smoking let you calm down and relax.
You get tired after playing. You feel more energetic after smoking,
Your winning/enjoyment rely on your teammate. You can enjoy smoking alone.
You waste 1 hour per game. It takes only 2 minutes.
You need to master 70+ heroes, 60+ items, 200+ spells & magics, etc. You only need to know how to suck and blow.

Oh God, Dota Sucks! I am swicthing to smoking!

Surprise surprise, I found a book in my cupboard that I bought in 2006 (11 years ago). The title of the book is “The Internet Complete Reference” by Harley Hahn. Bought for RM62.40 from Popular Bookstore. The book was recommended by Computimes Magazine (not publishing anymore).

11 years! I have been using the internet for 11 years! And that was the 486 PC, 28.8 kbps modem and Windows 3.1 stone age hardware, software and connection! There are so many changes in just 1 decade. Do you know that there is an option to TURN OFF images loading so we can surf the net faster? People are now enjoying broadband connection with live video streaming, dual core super power processors, wireless connection, 3G ….

But what I am interested in pointing up today is that the internet changes a lot in the last decade, after referring to that book. At that time, internet was made by the following components:-

1. Mail
2. Web
3.Web Search Engine
4. Usenet
5. Gopher
6. Veronica and Jughead
7. Anonymous FTP
8. Archie
9. Mailing Lists
10. Telnet
11. Talk Facilities
12. MUDS
You might not even recognize some of the components because many of them is now obsolete. Let’s look at them today.

1. Mail - Email is still popular today, but one of the biggest changes is that web-based email arise (Hotmail) and dominate the original POP email.
2. Web - World Wide Web is the component that grow up to the strongest which is basically the INTERNET today!
3. Web Search Engine – At that time was Yahoo. Later Lycos, Altavista, etc. Today is Google.
4. Usenet - Still existing today but most has been replaced by Web-based discussion forums.
5. Gopher - Hah, you sure don’t know what is this. This is the ‘web’ that doesn’t have pictures but pure boring text. No wonder they are obsolete now.
6. Veronica and Jughead – This is the search engine for Gopher, dead now.
7. Anonymous FTP – Still exist today to host download, but most downloads are hosted directly from the Web. Even if a file is hosted by FTP, modern browsers support direct anonymous FTP download without the need of another software.
8. Archie - This is the search engine for files download. Now everyone is using Google to search. Dead.
9. Mailing Lists – Still quite popular, yahoo even have a free service for this. Members in the mailing list can send email to the whole group easily.
10. Telnet - Telnet is remote access to a computer. The new generation for telnet is called SSH (secured shell access) for better security. Now we also have remote desktop connection for Windows and a lot of other software for remote management.
11. Talk Facilities – This is the grandfather of Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Microsoft Live Messenger, Google Talk, etc. There are lots of talk facilities at that time but most are dead now except ICQ.
12. MUDS - This is some kind of text-based gaming where online gamers meet. Yep, playing games by just typing words and reading text. No graphics! This has been replaced by online RPG games today like World of Warcraft, Ragnarok, DotA!!!!, etc.
What else changes in the last 10 years?

1. Google is not even mentioned in the book!
2. Altavista, Lycos, Excite, Webcrawler are history.
3. Netscape is dead.
4. TM-NET came out and screw Jaring (for Malaysians only)
5. You actually need to type in commands to connect to the internet, and the commands are
ATZ (means reset modem)
ATDT1511 (means dial 1511)
Then you need to enter username and password.
I forgot the command to logout. :(
6. Banner advertising is dead. It actually created the Dot Com Bubble because the advertising create no value to the advertisers.
7. There is no such thing as blog or blogging at that time.
8. Mahathir retired. Hmmm…. but he doesn’t know ….

It is indeed a bit weird that I have actually bought a book to learn about the internet. But then, at least I know what is bcc! Do you know what is the use of the bcc field when you are sending an email? :) 9 out of 10 people have no idea what is that and yet it exist until today. Check it out baby.

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