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I did try to control my frustration on Streamyx because I understand it is due to an earthquake (natural disaster)…

But still, I am boiled…

How can TM-NUT management can be so dishonest and ignorant on their current situation. I know the situation is very bad, why not stand up and admit it clearly and let us know exactly how bad is the situation and how long would it takes to really rectify the problem? Instead, they write shits like this in their website

> Internet users in Malaysia and other parts of Asia may be experiencing some delay when assessing content and websites hosted outside of Malaysia, especially in U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Europe. TM Net has taken immediate action to divert traffic through other back-up links to reduce the traffic congestion.

Some delay? SOME? SOME? May be? MAY? Why they don’t have the guts to admit it like a man? Everyone know it is a SERIOUS DELAY. not “Some Delay”!!! Tell us the truth that we need to know. You mention about back-up links, do you really have any back-up links? What kind of load can your back-up links handle? I know internet users in Malaysia is seriously affected, but I doubt Singapore is. So stop using phases like “Malaysia and other parts of Asia” but just say MALAYSIA. Because you are only responsible for Malaysia broadband, even other countries do bad doesn’t relate to you. Focus on your duty.

> especially in U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Europe.

Wahaha, isn’t that consider the whole internet?

> We would like to assure you that we are doing all that is necessary in order to restore the service as soon as possible

Rubbish. Everyone know how to write this kind of rubbish. How you assure? What is the necessary? When is soon?

> We will be making further announcements when the service has resumed.

When are your “further announcements”? You wrote a 240 words totally useless announcement on 27th December and I heard nothing else from you. Busy celebrating your Christmas and New Year? This is a SERIOUS RED-ALERT LEVEL EMERGENCY, and as your customers for 4 years, all I get was the 240 words from your website and the 1 minute “briefing” from 1300-88-9515?


TM-NUT, the way you run your business SUCKS. You are irresponsible to your customers who pay you every month for your promised services. You are dishonest by saying something like ‘may be experiencing some delay’. Your can be ignorant because you monopolized the broadband in Malaysia and thus giving us no choice but to pay for your rubbish service only!

Countries like Singapore are affected too but not as serious as our level since not all their ‘international links’ are broken, they can still deliver their service. It looks like our TM-NUT only have one link and when it is damaged, everything is broken. I am not using the Internet for P2P or Torrent. I am not playing World Of WarCraft or Ragnarok. Nor I am watching any YouTube videos. I don’t even need to blog here (I blog here because my site is hosted in Malaysia and it is the only site I still can access to).

BUT I need to renew my domain name before 3 January 2007 before it is expired. I still can’t access my domain registrar until today…

I need to control my money in my trading account! I can’t login to my account and thus I can’t do anything… I can’t sell!

I need to do routine things online because that’s my JOB. My rice-bowl will broke if I can’t do that…

If the flood in Johor can take away life and destroyed properties… Then the rubbish TM-Net can also destroyed mine just like the flood… I am now drowning in the “virtual” flood created by TM-NET.

Update: AhYap has stop complaining because he is too tired. Please read his final post on solving your slow TM Net Streamyx for his last ranting episode. Commenting for this post is now closed.

Dear TM-Net CEO,

Streamyx will be down for the next few weeks, do we need to pay our Streamyx bill for January?

Thank You.


Update: AhYap has decided to stop complaining after the CEO called me and give me RM5,000 plus a free T1 line for whole life. Please read AhYap’s final post on how to make your Streamyx torrent run faster. Commenting for this post is now closed.

Because of the Taiwan earthquake, the underwater Internet cable is damaged and our Streamyx is down… at least this is a better than “a submarine has accidentally collide with on our internet cable”.

No internet for the next few days (weeks?). Take the time to relax and happy holidays to all (Christmas and New Year).

p/s Our earth is sicked now, we have unexpected flood in Johor, have unexpected Tsunami, have serious Katrina and Rita in the US, have abnormal strong wind that strike Vietnam and Philippines lately… my friend just got back from Sydney, Australia. It is Summer in Australia. The Australian told him that it is normally very hot in the summer until you have to remove your shirt but NOW it is God-Damn Cold!

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AhYap is very RUDE!

Sometimes I can be very rude, as long as I don’t have the RISK of getting killed!
A hosting company suspended my account long ago accusing me of sending SPAM email. Hell, I didn’t even send out email using that account. They accused me of spamming which I didn’t do. They suspended my account and took all my money! Do you know how it feels when someone accused you of something that you didn’t do?

Yesterday, their system send me an INVOICE asking me to renew my account!

> We would like to notify you that you have a new invoice which has been generated for services you purchased from [Cibai Company], and that we will automatically re bill your Debit or Credit Card on the due date.

This is of course a mistake because my account is already suspended. So for fun, this is what I replied (remember I won’t get killed or punched in the eye by doing this)

> Due your fucking head. You suspended my account by simply accusing me of spamming and now you dare to send me an invoice. Go fuck yourself off.

Wahahahaha. I really do that for fun and not for anger. They deserve that. I didn’t expect them to reply but they did!

> And a merry Xmas to you to. Maybe you should not send SPAM then, but obviously you would not understand that seeing as how rude you are.

Wahahahaha. I am so happy because I can reply again and have fun. Here is it.

> Don’t talk cock to me. I know I am rude but for you, that’s way too kind to you. You and your cock company accused me of SPAMMING which until today you still wanna say I did it without giving any sound proof. You suspend an innocent man account and take his money unethically and now you say I should be kind to you? Now go Fuck in Christmas.

Wahahahaha. Don’t do that if that person is standing 2 feet away from you. You will get killed and if you are lucky and still survived, your ass hole will probably resized from o to O.

Life is fun! Again, WAHAHAHAHAHA!

I always read the classifieds in Sin-chew everyday to see if there are any bargains or opportunities (not under job but under for sale!). Classifieds in Perak’s newspaper is pity when comparing to The Star KL classified. There are only 4 pages while comparing to 40 pages in KL! It is like comparing mosquito to cow. :(

I also like The Star online but recently some ‘smart’ guys of The Star ‘upgrade‘ their system to a worst online search and listing! This is what I call non-online guys doing online stuff. They can’t make sense of what they are doing.

Enough of classified bullshit, now come back to the Petrol Station. I saw an ad saying that there is a petrol station for sale in Perak inclusive of land, building and rights of business. Interesting because I have never saw such an ad before.

So I pick up the phone to and we talked for over 30 minutes. Here is what I get and let’s see if you will be interested in running this petrol station?

- It is a Mobil located at Teluk Intan. I pump Mobil myself because I have smile card and they accept credit card directly from pump, so I like it.

- Selling price RM930,000 (almost 1 Million). You can do business immediately. You may want to consider renovate with another RM100,000. Assume no renovation.

- Profit is around RM20,000 per month total to RM240,000 per year.

- Able to sell 150,000 litre of petrol every month.

Here comes the math I do myself.

What is the return per year?
Return will be

total profit
total capital

= RM240,000 / RM930,000 = 25%

Wow! If you are familiar with investment returns, you will be very excited with this number BUT if you are financially-blind (like my girl friend), than it is just very hard for you to get it. Compare to these, savings account return is below 1%, fixed deposit return is 4%, real estate around 8%-12%, mutual fund from -50% to 8% (wahahaha), Rule #1 investor 15%, Warren Buffet 23%, ah-long (loan shark) 50% … Does the 25% look good?

25% also means that you can get back your capital in 4 years.

What is the estimated Revenue and Profit Margin?

How do you calculate the revenue of the petrol station? (Revenue = Total sales before cost) Easy, we know the market price of Petrol which is $1.92. Round it to RM2.00, revenue would be RM300,000/month (150,000 litre x RM2). That’s RM10,000/day.

If revenue is RM300,000/month and profit per month is RM20,000, that means the cost of the business is RM280,000/month. Profit Margin is around 7%. Because your business is selling petrol and the cost of your petrol and the selling price is FIXED by the gouverment, the margin will be somewhere around that.

What are the advantanges of running a petrol station?

1. You don’t need to spend even 10 cents on advertising. Mobil, Shell or Petronas will do that for you.

2. You don’t need to negotiate price with your customer. No one will come to your petrol station and tell you, “Wei Uncle, Less 10 cents per litre can ar?”

3. Consider a very stable and consistent business for the long run. All cars need petrol and there will be more and more cars in the future. Anyone trying to invent an alternative to petrol will be *assassinated* by the rich oil companies. Wahahahahaha. Don’t play play!

What are the disadvantages of running a petrol station?

1. Profit margin is very low because it is a commodity product (7% from calculation is quite high and I believe it should be around 5%). You petrol station will be collecting most money in CASH and end of each business day, you will have RM10,000 cash and 95% of it is the COST of your business. Put in another word, that’s NOT YOUR MONEY! You need to use that money to pay your petrol company, your employees, etc. Losing others people money is more PAIN than losing your own money! You need to make sure the RM10,000 is safe everyday because 95% is not yours. If your manager run away 10 days of your money, that is RM100,000 which is 5 months of your profit! Your hair will get white in one day while he can take his holiday for 2 years. There will also be robbers waiting for you outside the petrol station everyday.

2. Petrol is a commodity product and because of this if the customer doesn’t like you or your father-in-law or your dog or your Benz, they don’t need to come to your shop. There are many other petrol stations. Your staff at anytime can poke a hole in your pocket by saying Diu-Nia-Ma (Fuck Your Mother) to your customer and they will never come back.

* Commodity is a product that a customer can buy from anyone because they are almost the same, such as petrol, rice, sugar, chickens, beef, pork … If you price it higher than someone or if the customer doesn’t like you, he can buy from someone else.


This is an incredible deal based on the return and stability of your investment if everything describe by the seller is legitimate (malay saying: no prawn behind the rock). However, you will need to be careful of your cash. You need a manager that you can trust or you manage it by yourself (go stay in Teluk Intan and watch the Clock House everyday, forget about watching movie at TGV or GSC). If you don’t, make sure you buy Wella from Watson so you can dye your hair when your manager run $100,000 away from you. Get your Great Eastern medical card ready if your heart is weak. Say Diu-Nia-Ma 100,000 times a day to your manager for the next 5 months.

Look at this chart, it shows you the 34 most active stocks of today. I like this chart because they are almost all RED. Red means the price is DOWN. 3 are YELLOW which means price unchanged. There is no GREEN, so no UP for the day for the 34 most active stocks.

Why I say KLSE traders are POOR? Let’s examine the price of the 34 stock and calculate how many stocks are below RM1? There are 28 out of 34 (82%)! That means Malaysians are focusing on cheap-plak stocks under RM1 most of the time. This is what the uncles and aunties are looking at everyday in the brokerage house (the BIG screen).

Why do they like cheap stocks?

1. They don’t have much money, so they can only afford to buy cheap stocks.

2. If a cheap-plak stock of $0.20 rises 10 cents to $0.30, that is a 50% gain! If a $2.00 stock rises 10 cents to $2.10, that’s only 5% gain. “Not shock” for them.

3. Cheap-plak stocks are better target for big-boss to ‘fry’ it up and make money. A few millions are enough to ‘fry’ a stock up high and create a lot of volume and get them into the top 10 active stocks of the day. Uncles and aunties get attention and put their money in. The remaining is like LIQUA…

4. Did you notice that there are something like -CA and -WA in the counters name? These are not stocks! These are cheaper alternative to stocks thats is similar to stock options. But most uncles and aunties don’t know that (they don’t care also). As what they need to know is that they are cheap so that they are afford to play. -CA and -WA are something that will expired one day! And when it expired, it has the potential to worth nothing! $0! The rewards is that it can go up faster but the risk is that you can lose everything. How many of those who buy them know about this fact? In order for -CA and -WA to make money, the underlying stock (PLUS for PLUS-CA, GENTING for GENTING-CA…) must go up a lot. IF the underlying go down, stay the same or go up just a bit, you lose money! It is cheaper because of this risk and that it will expired in a predetermined day.

5. While KLSE index is represented by the 100 largest companies traded in KLSE (list here), only a few are in the top 34 active counters, they are DIALOG, TENAGA, MAYBANK, AMMB, TIME and COMMERZ (-CA and -WA are not included because they are not stocks). KLSE components are blue chips that are more expensive, so uncles and aunties are not interested with them.

Malaysian traders are indeed very poor and highly speculative (gambling mind)! Let’s say an uncle bought IRIS or JOTECH (the 1st and 3rd active stock of the day) and you ask him this question, “What business is IRIS and JOTECH in?”, I am willing to bet that he has NO IDEA at all! He is gambling, he is not investing! Same for my mum who got 30+ stocks which name I never heard of. She own more counters than Warren Buffet! But she knows nothing about the businesses. They don’t know what they are buying.

If I put something inside a box and want to sell it for you for RM1,000, will you buy it from me without knowing what’s inside?

Trading in KLSE is somehow became a morally-correct-legal-gambling for most. Pity Malaysians.

The first book I read about stocks is “How to make money in the Stock Market for IDIOTS”. Wahahahaha. I read that book 3 years ago in 2003. It is really an idiot book and do give me (the idiot) an introduction about the stock market. But it didn’t teach me how to make money like the book title says. I don’t recommend this book to anyone even if you strongly believe that you are an idiot. (this book make you an idiot instead of teaching idiot)

Later I went to a RM400 introduction seminar on Technical Analysis organized by iCapital.biz (they have a column in the newspaper and now they manage a close-end fund listed in KLSE with the symbol ICAP). I got introduced to technical analysis and find it very interesting. It is about stock market charts and how you can make money by looking at them! The speaker show you some charts with technical analysis indicators and tell you, “You buy here, sell here, buy again here, sell here … and see how much money you make!”. Cool!

Later I bought a Technical Analysis book from Amazon called “Technical Analysis for the Financial Market” by John J Murphy. They claimed that Mr Murphy is the father of technical analysis. The book does cover a wide range of technical analysis indicators, so much that I didn’t complete the book. And because of the wide coverage, I personally think that the explanation on each indicators is insufficient. Personally, I do not recommend this book as well.

I traded in the KLSE stock market in 2004 as an idiot using Maybank2u. But this little idiot did make some good money by picking the hot stocks! It seems like whichever stock I picked, it made money! I thought I am very smart (a virgin in stock market that makes money, if it is not smart then it is what?). Note: I didn’t use any analysis (even technical analysis) or method or system in picking my stocks, I only use my feeling. Something like, “I feel like this stock is good, so I buy”.

But what I didn’t realize was that in 2004, it is a BULL market due to the coming 2004 general election! (They say that when election is near, the politician party will push up the market to get cash for their political campaign, they ‘fry’ the stock market).

When Barisan National win big in the election, stock market shoot up like rocket and I sell all my holdings, cashing in my money. After I sold my stocks, Datok Seri Najib was elected as the deputy Prime Minister and the stock market immediately shoot up another level to the moon. Since I already sold my stocks, I didn’t get any money from Mr Najib! :(

And because I’ve made some good money in the stock market, I thought making money is really that simple. And because I miss out Mr Najib’s big money because I sold too early, I feel bad and want to ‘revenge’. I want to make back MY money! Wahahahaha! So I continue to buy stocks after the election.

I open a new OSK trading account to get a better trading platform. I bought 8 stocks based on hot news on newspaper, hot tips from the internet forum and maybank2u staff. They are all active counters, which means HOT counters, counters that when you watch news on TV, they will appear at the end of the news as the 10 most active stocks of the day. Stocks that people are most interested in at that time.

Let’s look at my portfolio and my performance!

1. CAMERLYN – Bought $1.09 Sold $1.005 (-8%) in 3 months. Buy because internet forum say it is going to be ‘fry’ by big boss.

2. MHOUSE - Bought $1.90 Sold $1.64 (-14%) in 3 months. Don’t know why I buy. zzz.

3. KRNSOFT – Bought $1.10 Sold $0.91 (-17%) in 3 months. Buy because it keep going up like no tomorrow.

4. LIQUA – Bought $2.27 Sold $1.85 in 1 day (-19%) . Buy because it is the hottest stock at that time and it is ‘fry’ to very high.

5. SCOMI – Bought $1.70 Sold $1.45 (-15%) in 6 months. Buy because it keep going up like no tomorrow and it is Pak Lah’s son company.

6. LIONIND – Bought $1.88 Sold $1.44 (-24%) in 2 months. Buy because newspaper say it is going to rise to the moon.

7. LIONCOR – Bought $1.71 Sold $1.36 (-21%) in 2 months. Buy because newspaper say it is going to rise to the moon.

8. PWORTH - Bought $1.20 Sold 1.01 (-16%) in 2 weeks. Don’t know why I buy. zzz.

I want to cry. I lose a lot of money including everything that I’ve made before the election. Wasn’t it making money from the stock market easy? Hmm….What if I don’t sell my holdings and hold it until today? Since they say we need to be long term investor and if we didn’t sell, we didn’t lose any real money and it will recover one day! Let’s take a look at their price now if I didn’t sell (after 2 years).

1. CAMERLYN – $2.56 (+134%)

2. MHOUSE – $0.72 (-63%)

3. KRNSOFT – $0.08 (-93%) wahahahaha! Waiting to file for bankruptcy.

4. LIQUA – $0.255 (-89%) wahahahahha!

5. SCOMI – $0.96 (-44%)

6. LIONIND – $0.93 (-51%)

7. LIONCOR – $0.59 (-65%)

8. PWORTH – $0.72 (-40%)

Now if you look at that, I am consider very lucky! For those who hold on to their stock until today, there is no chance at all that they will recover! This happens to my mum and dad and grandmother who refuse to sell and hold it until today! All their hard earned money is gone FOREVER. They hold rubbish stock for more than 10 years, buy them at all-time-high and now at their all-time-low. They still say things like ‘we are long term investor’, ‘if we didn’t sell, the lost is only on the paper and it is *still* possible to recover’… This is called ignorant and ignorant can cause you all your money. I lost 20% of my money which is already very PAIN.

Imagine if I pretend that nothing happen by closing one eye? This is LIQUA 3-year chart until today.

Look at how the stock being ‘fry’ from below $1 to above $2 in a short period of time? Many people get greedy (including me) and want to be part of the craze to make BIG money. I got in at $2.27 and got out at $1.85 the next day because of panic selling. Lost 19% in 1 day! The stock recover the next day and many people get in again. 1 weeks later, the stock crashed from above $2 back to below $1 in 2 days. if you buy at $2 and sell it at $1, you lost 50% of your money. If you sell it at $0.50, you lost 75%. If you sell it today at $0.255, you lost 88%!

In simple mathematics, if you have $10,000 and you lost 50%, you left $5,000. And you need to gain a full 100% to just BREAK EVEN! If you put that money in 4% annual fixed deposit, it will need 18 years for it to get back to $100,000! Even if the bank pays you 10% annual return, you still need 8 years! (compounding returns)

I end my story today with Warren Buffet’s 2 rules of investing. He is the 2nd richest man in the world as an investor and you really need to listen to what he has to say about investing!

Rule #1 – Don’t Lose Money!
Rule #2 – Don’t Forget Rule #1!

Remember that!

Surprise, surprise. Many of us doesn’t know that we can actually search and order all Kinokuniya books online!

Website: Kinokuniya

Ordering books from Kinokuniya is very fast and shipping cost is only RM6 flat (RM30 for east Malaysia). If your total order is above RM300, shipping is FREE! However, I do not recommend you to order RM300 of books just because you wanna save the RM6! I did that once with 7 books, and end up that I am only able to finish 4 of them, leaving 3 untouched in my book shelf. The theory is that if you buy a lot of books at the same time, you won’t appreciate them and thus won’t be able to finish all of them. You will also feel overwhelmed having to read so many books at once (especially if the book has 1,000 words per page and it is as thick as YellowPages!)

I usually order a book at night. They will processed and shipped my order the next day. So I usually got my book the very next day!

I have to rely on Kinokuniya a lot because in Ipoh, the availability of books are very limited. There are only 2 mini Popular Book Store and 1 tiny MPH. Unless the books you need are very popular (like Rich Dad’s series that take up a whole cupboard), you don’t have a lot of choice. And that’s why Kinokuniya online comes to rescue!

While RM6 of shipping looks like an extra, I am happy to pay for it because of the speed and convenience to someone who is not in KL! Even if you live in KL and you can go to Kinokuniya KLCC directly, you still need to pay for petrol, tol and KLCC per-hour-based car park fee. That will be more than RM6.

How do you pay for your oder?

Credit card.

What about Amazon?

I ordered twice from Amazon. They give big discount on books (usually over 30%). Unfortunately with the shipping fee (cheapest option), it end up being the same as non discounted price. This is not the problem. The problem is for Amazon to ship the books from US to Malaysia, it takes a few weeks! When the books arrived, you might not have to mode to read it already. hahaha. You may choose more expensive shipping options (where shipping will be more expensive than your books!) and it still need to wait minimum 10 days although they say 5 days. Why? Because it takes them another 5 days to prepare and pack your books.

What if a book you need is not available in Kinokuniya but Amazon?

This should be rare with the size of Kinokuniya, but it happened to me last month. On Nov 19, I searched for the book The New Buffettology and it is not available in their database. So I emailed them. They replied the next day and told me that they can actually order the book for me. I ask them to go ahead and I got my book yesterday (1 month)! I am very happy with their service

What about MPH and Popular book store online?

Popular have removed their online search and order system few months ago. MPH do keep it until today. However, popular books takes 1-2 weeks to ship and unpopular books take 4-6 weeks! Do you want to order from them?

Update: Pelf commented that you can order book from MPH Online for RM4 postage (Free if order above RM80) and delivery only takes 1 day! Making MPH a very good choice if the book is available.

At last, if you know any other online book store that is good for us, please kindly share it here so I can give it a try. Now, check out their website here.

To check availability of books, please use their online search engine here or email mys@kinokuniya.com directly and they will respond to you very quickly on working days. Do not email me or ask in the comment as this blog is not owned by Kinokuniya!

上过很多课程,读过很多书。他们会告诉你,“你们看那些成功的人,他们做东西都不是为了钱,而是为了兴趣。他们对自己的工作充满热情(Passion),他们热爱自己的工作,完全投入… 所以他们都有出色的表现,你们看Bill Gates对电脑的兴趣,看Tiger Woods对高尔夫球的热情,看Warren Buffet对玩股票的执著… ”



如果你选择为钱(而你现在又很穷),你成功的机会将是很高!你的痛苦(穷),将推动你去得到快乐(钱),你会愿意做你毫无兴趣的东西,因为你的目标根本就不是什么兴趣和热情,而是钱钱钱钱钱钱钱钱… 管他什么喜不喜欢见客人,卖VCD,煮猪肠粉,打冷电话,拉皮条… 赚钱的欲望会一直推动你,使你奋斗,努力。设在前面的目的地是‘钱’,用什么方法得到跟有没有兴趣根本没有关系。


可惜的是,当你到了这个地步,你想再更进一步的机会就很渺茫了,因为你之前的推动力(穷的痛苦)已经没有了,你追求的快乐(钱),也已经很足够了。你处身在“舒适境界”(Comfort Zone)里。你就会变成一个懒人。可是人家又不可以批评你,毕竟你懒的同时成绩单又比他们好。你不上不下,半天掉。这是你‘为钱’而工作的代价。


1. 你成就自己的事业,做自己有兴趣的事情当儿又可以赚大钱!你成为下一个Bill Gates/Britney Spears.

2. 你一事无成,只能当一个一生无名的‘艺术家’/‘专家’!你可能一辈子卖kacang puteh, 在街边帮鬼佬画像,在cafe唱歌,在地洞弹吉他唱Hotel California乞钱,写没人看得书,写没人看的blog(像ahyap.com,连女朋友也不来看!)… 这就是你的代价!


如果你一开始的目的就是想要成为下一个林梧桐(云顶创办人),或者成为李钟伟(世界羽球#2!Malaysia Boleh)… 你唯一的选择是‘兴趣’。只有‘兴趣’可以不停的推动着你,甚至越燃越猛,让你一飞冲天。可是你要记得,也要接受你选择‘兴趣’的代价!你可能只能成为‘林树桐’或‘李阳萎’!



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