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I talked about BEST BRAINS in my last post on Why Malaysia is so stupid to dump away our best brains and give to Singapore (but didn’t charge Singapore for any money). I want to explain to you what I meant by best brains.

What are BEST BRAINS? Do you like add math in SPM? I can never finish my add math in all my exams even in SPM. But a friend of mine can finish it and check the answers for 3 times and still have the time to look around! FINISH + CHECK 3 TIMES + LOOK AROUND.

Can you memorize phone numbers? I went to a phone booth with a friend. We saw a paper ads sticked to the phone booth regarding a house rental. We just had a glance on it. 2 months later I suddenly thought of the ads and wished that I had copied the phone number. Know what? This friend of mine thought for 2 seconds and recalled the phone number! I doubt the accuracy but after we made the phone call, it is correct!

We took a subject called Islam Science in Uni. The notes given by the lecturer was so terrible that he can write 100 words in 1 one sentence with all kind of subjects, objects, verbs and adjectives in it! I don’t even have the brain to read it smoothly. The same friend of mine, can memorized the whole sentence word by word in mere seconds.

Do you have friends that don’t need to study much for exam but can get very good results? Do you have friends that can listen in the boring lecture and understand everything the lecturer is teaching?

BEST BRAINS are those people who can do something that seems RIDICULOUSLY easy to themselves but RIDICULOUSLY hard for someone else. You can also call it TALENT.

Yesterday, I talked about Singapore refusing the landing of AirAsia and why Malaysia is doing a lot of similar stuffs. Today I want to talk our our education and universities, in relation to Singapore.

Our government complaints that many of our knowledge workers (engineers, doctors, etc.) don’t want to serve in our own country but prefer to stay overseas. They say these people should be more patriotic.

Our government also complaint that we are lack of knowledge workers. While at the same time there are many graduates that can’t find a job.

The most STUPID mistake that our IGNORANT government is doing in EDUCATION -

Our government spend a lot of money providing FREE primary and secondary education us. That is 6 years of primary school, 5 years or secondary school and 2 years more if they take form 6, total to 13 years! 13 years or FREE EDUCATION and TRAINING!

Let’s take my school as an example. I study in Sam Tet, Ipoh which is considered one of the good school. In 1997 when I finished my SPM, there were 18 students getting 8As and above (maximum 10As only at that time).

6 of the 18 are now exported to Singapore. Singapore gives them full scholarship, let them choose the exact course they want to study and give them Singapore PR few months before they graduate! You don’t even need to apply for the PR! (some of them went after form 6, some of them went immediately after SPM to Junior College)

Malaysia trains these smart students for 13 years. Singapore train them for 4 years ONLY and have them work for Singapore for the next 30 years.

Who is smarter? Malaysia or Singapore?

Why they want to ‘selfishly’ go to Singapore and don’t want to serve our own country?

1. Singapore give them scholarship so they don’t need to worry about money. They don’t need to worry that PTPTN will reject his loan.

2. Singapore give them the exact course they want so they don’t need to worry that they can’t get into the course they want in Malaysia.

3. Although Singapore has only 2 universities, both of them are far better than ANY one in Malaysia. UKM is currently bragging that they are the Top 200 Universities in the word, ranked #185 ahead of UM #192. Singapore only have 2 universities and they ranked as follow – NUS (National University of Singapore) #19, NTU (Nanyang Technological University) #61. Anything for the Malaysians to be proud of?

— —

But the primary reasons are still #1 and #2, the UNCERTAINTY that the Malaysia government is giving to these SMART BRAINS. They are worried about the future and they need to plan for their future too. If Singapore can give them the promise and certainty, why would they want to take the RISK of rejection from their own beloved country Malaysia? (How hurt does it feel when your own country doesn’t appreciate you?)

Every year we have a lot of STPM straight A students complain that they cannot get into Medicine (doctor). The Goverment says that if they allow all straight A students to go into Medicine, then other student with poorer results will not be able to get into medicine.

Well getting straight A means they are the BEST students with the BEST brain and medicine is usually consider the BEST course (and tough to study!). What sense does it make when the BEST STPM students are not GUARANTEED by the government to take the BEST course? Then what is the point of having the exam at the first place?

These BEST brains are the one who will be contributing the most to the country when fully utilized. They represent the future of Malaysia and they deserve the TOP attention. They should be given the VETO power to choose whatever course they want and not by a randomly picked-by-luck system. Keep the picked-by-luck system for your ordinary students, why RISK losing your BEST BRAINS?

Imagine what are the benefits we are getting by just focusing on keeping our BEST BRAINS from being stolen by Singapore! It won’t break the quota system even slightly because we are talking about the Top 1% people only. Apply the quota system to ordinary students like me! Put me and soufulow on the quota system, don’t RISK our BEST BRAINS! Just risk me!  :)

I have a lot to say about Singapore in relation to Malaysia. Most of us has been brain-washed by our politicians and puppet-doll-newspaper to think Singapore is the BAD GUY. While Singapore might be the BAD GUY, what we didn’t notice is that Singapore is also the SMART GUY! On the other hand, Malaysia look ridiculously STUPID in many aspects.

One of the hottest topic is the refusal of the Singapore government to let AirAsia land in their airport. I hate this myself because I do hope to fly cheaply to Singapore. BUT, before you think Singapore is selfish, do you know Malaysia is doing the exact same thing in MANY MANY ways?

Truth #1

Malaysia is building the double-track train system that connect the whole peninsular. Johor government refused to let the double-track to be connected to Singapore. They want it terminated at Johor Bahru. They are afraid that most people will actually ride directly to Singapore and will not stop at Johor, thus reducing the money flow to Johor and at the same time benefit their ‘enemy’ Singapore!

Isn’t that selfish? Isn’t that the same as Singapore refusing the landing or AirAsia?

Truth #2

We are so patriotic that almost all Malaysia families that own a car will own a PROTON! We are so patriotic that we actually need to pay a lot more money to buy a lousy car just because it is ‘Made In Malaysia’. We can’t own a better Toyota at cheaper price like Thailand citizens because we have to subsidize Proton. We have to ‘love’ our country because ‘Malaysia Boleh‘ Make Car. (Proton still lose money after 20 years of operation while Mitsubishi make a lot of money by selling engines to Proton. And we still can’t make our own engine. So technically we don’t make our own car, we make our own car cover only.)

There are lots of Nissan Sentra in Malaysia. Do you know there is a model called Nissan Sunny? You can’t find one here because if it is allowed to be sold in Malaysia, it will be too cheap!

Our government has disallowed other car manufacturers to compete equally with Proton. And who pay the price? We! The drivers!

Isn’t this the same as Singapore protecting their own airline company?

Truth #3

Digi is the most well run mobile company in Malaysia, their marketing and growth outperform Maxis and Celcom (run by TM – Tak Malu). But because they are 60% foreign owned, they are not awarded the 3G license and the WIMAX license. If you are standing as a mobile user and internet user perspective, do you wish Digi could have won both licenses so we can benefit from this great company? Or you want your service provided by Tak Malu that also provide your fucked-up STREAMYX connection?

Isn’t this the same as what Singapore is doing to AirAsia? While AirAsia can benefit even Singaporeans, they choose to protect Singapore Airline instead of benefiting their own people. Our government want to make our own national car and we have to drive lousy car that is more expensive and yet more dangerous on the road because it is made by recycled Coca-Cola tin.

(At least Singapore is launching a new budget airline call Tiger Airline to benefit their people)

Truth #4

Most of us will have a Maybank account because it is the largest bank in Malaysia. So probably you must have dealt with a Maybank staff before. What kind of treatment do you get? How long do you need to wait just to place a Fixed Deposit? How long do you need to wait to apply for an ATM card?

The last time I close an FD, it took the staff 30 minutes just to serve me alone! It took me another 30 minutes to reapply my lost ATM card. And that time doesn’t include waiting for my turn! It is just the time the staff took to do my work alone while letting a lot of other customers waiting!

If you have been to a Singapore bank, you will actually thought you are in a Hotel! The bank staffs will wait for you at the entrance! They will do anything you need while you sit on the sofa reading your favorite newspaper. In Singapore, customers is the boss. In Malaysia, customers is the slave.

This is happening because Malaysia banks are over protected by the Government. Only until recently Citibank are allowed to setup a few more branches. Before this, Citibank only have 3 branches in the whole Malaysia. So again, why Government choose to protect local business, we pay the price.

Isn’t that what the Singapore government is doing to AirAsia?

— —

If Singapore Government is selfish, what about our Government? While Singapore Government might have been selfish, they have actually done a lot of great things for their people which we can only dream of! They are SELFISH but they are SMART too!

I use fucked-up Streamyx. You probably use Streamyx too. TM has a monopoly of the last mile connections. Unlike other countries, Malaysia has not passed any legislation for the unbundling of last mile connections. This gives little chance for other third party companies to compete with TMNet and has thus created an unhealthy business environment.

Look at our crime rates! We have tons of notebook thieves wandering around KL. We have tons of snatchers planning to snatch your mum’s handbag. We have tons of robbers that want to break into our house everyday.

Compare our Internet connection with Singapore!

Compare our crime rates with Singapore!

Compare our public transportation system with Singapore!

Compare our local universities with Singapore!

Compare our Ringgit Malaysia with Singapore!

Compare our Police with Singapore!

WE ARE FAR FAR BEHIND! WAKE UP MALAYSIANS! WAKE UP! We both started at the same time! We can’t blame our population and size because we will then need to compare ourself with Japan and Korea, which is even more scary!

(Japan need to recover from World War II and they don’t even speak English. Korea have to fight Communism and have their country split into half and they don’t speak English as well.)

WAKE UP MALAYSIA! Just talking ‘Malaysia Boleh’ is not enough, we have to work hard and PROOF IT!

If you raise the salary of a policeman, it will not stop him from accepting bribe.
If his salary is RM800, he is happy with a RM10 bribe.

If you increase his salary to RM1800, RM10 no longer look tasty to him! He will become more greedy. So he will PEPSI! (ASK FOR MORE!). So now he need minimum RM20.

RISK & REWARD. If you want me to take more risk, you will have to give me better reward.

Receiving bribe is illegal and thus everytime they do so, they are taking risk. Risk against losing their job = their salary. When their salary is only RM800, risk is small. But if their salary is RM1,800, risk become bigger. So it must come with better reward before they are willing to take the risk. And that bigger reward is BIGGER bribe amount!

And that also explains why small duck police can be bribed at $10 while big cow sarjan and inspector may need RM200. Government officers for kopitiam license or your new house construction drawing might need RM500 while politicians for billion dollar Iskandar projects might need a few millions + some china girls and some donations to UMNO and MCA.

To make sure we can continue to bribe at RM10/policeman, please don’t vote for a police pay raise! Everyone make mistakes in this world, we don’t want to pay more than RM10 for our small mistakes. Wahahahaha.


I need a name card on 8 April (Saturday) but I need to collect it by Thursday because I am leaving Ipoh on Friday.


Soufu has designed a namecard for both of us. So I went around the whole Ipoh for 3 hours to more than 6 shops to ‘search’ and ‘research’ about name card printing. Tell you, name card seems common, but most people don’t know where to print and the knowledge behind them (plain paper, laminated, laser, digital printing, UV, blar blar BLAR). I finally settled with one shop but it is near 6pm. I brought my pen drive but they said the computer is ‘locked’ so I had to email them. I emailed them when I got home.


Because I know I will wake up late, I asked soufu to call them to followup on Thursday. He called whole day but seems like no one can really do a thing. The person in charge is not in the shop. And they didn’t seems to check mail! They just keep telling soufu that they will call him back. But of course, they didn’t.


Soufu went to the shop in the morning to settle the thing. The staff said everything is ok and can begin printing.


Don’t know what the fuck they were doing. Also forget what the fuck I was doing too.

MONDAY (today)

I call back to follow up in the evening because I know there are always sohai in this world who can’t do a simple thing correctly (Ahem! TM-NUT Streamyx). I ask when can I get my card (before that they say I can collect in 4 days). END UP? They have not even start working on our cards! And they even tell me that the file we gave them earlier (I gave them once, soufu gave them once, so TWICE) cannot be used?!!! They ask me to resend. And they say they can’t finish printing it by Friday or Thursday because it takes 4 days.

There are always people in this world that need a BULLET in their head!

My girl friend ask me to relax and don’t go to shoot them. She is right. I should not go to shoot them. I should go and BOMB them. BOMB their whole shop!

Who else need a bullet in their head?

All TM-NUT management and technical staffs!

Soufu and I are working on a AGAINST STREAMYX community which should be able to launched soon. Akan Datang!

Update: AhYap and Soufulow has abandoned the BIG project. Please read AhYap’s final post on solve your slow TM Net Streamyx for the latest solutions. Commenting for this post is now closed.

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