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Remember the immobilizer ass hole that I told you about few months ago? The story is hanging, and it does have an interesting ending, but still, I am lazy to blog the ending today. Wahahaha.

Today I want to show you this picture, taken from the back of the MyVi.

Did you see the word “IMMOBILISER”? Do my MyVi need another Immobilizer?!

If he is an immobilizer sales man, he should know very clearly that my MyVi is equipped with immobilizer. (Unless he is a sohai)

And if he knows my MyVi already has an immobilizer and he still insist on selling me one, he is not a con man then he is what?!

And I still think my girlfriend senior, who comes to ‘help’ but end up asking my girl friend, “Did you promised to buy from him” is a really a dai sohai. You want to buy something from Mr M and later you find out that Mr M is a con man, you still say something like, “I have promised to pay him, so I will pay even I know he is a con man!” ?!

Don’t be a sohai, if you later find out somebody has bad intention on you, all previous promises and responsibilities don’t count anymore. If you are a Taxi driver and you took a passenger where later you find out he is holding a parang, sweating like shit and and keep eyeing on you, do you think you should ‘kept your promise and responsible’ to take him to the jungle place to let him rob you (or even kill you)? I think you will want to abandon the car and run for your life! If you promise your ‘friend’ to carry a luggage to Singapore and find out it is actually heroin, do you still want to keep your promises?

Don’t be a sohai! Live Smarter! Don’t let your sohai brain confused you!

What is SOHAI?

A visitor asked me what do I mean by ‘Sohai’. I bet he is reading my post on Sohai Streamyx Technician – Why Send a Sohai to My House? So he must be a non-chinese and I am very happy to explain to all the people in the world who does not know what this fantastic word means.

When you see the word Sohai, you can replace it with ‘Idiot’, i.e. Idiot Streamyx Technician – Why Send an Idiot to My House.

Easy? But my friend, you better be careful when you use this word because it is not a ‘friendly’ word, it is a rude word.

Sohai is made up of 2 Cantonis word, So and Hai.

So = Stupid

Hai = The organ of your mum where your father put something in and get you out from it. Like a Coke vending machine, you put RM1.50 and you get a can of coke out from it. So that organ, your father put some liquid in and get you out from it. If you don’t know what is it, ASK YOUR MUM, SOHAI! Ask your father if you don’t know what liquid he put in.

That’s why sohai is consider a rude word. But it is very common among the Cantonis speaker.

- Sohai! Do you know how to spell Hippopotamus?

- Look at that Sohai, he wear a red underweer.

Sometimes we can use the word on ourself.

- Today I am very Sohai, I locked my car key inside the car.

- April Ng, “I am so sohai! My website get hacked!” (wahahaha, sorry to burn you in but I find it funny that you actually has a blog category called sohai!)

Sometimes we can call our friend sohai

- Ui Sohai, where to eat supper?

- I put soufulow nickname in my address book as Sohai Fu.

(It makes friends closer to each other because only close friends will not get pissed-off with such word. Like in English, you can call your buddy, “Hey ass hole!” Try that on a stranger and see if you can still keep your balls)

There are 2 common variations of Sohai

1. Dai Sohai - Dai means big. So dai sohai means big idiot. Soufulow is a dai sohai because he typed self-employed as self-employer in his resume. [All those YouTube movies that you watch where the Americans doing some stuns but failed are all dai sohai, i.e. jump from building to building and fell, skate down the stairs handle and fell, burn their own pubic hair... All the fellas in American Funniest Home Videos that send in videos of someone fell is also dai sohai. All the people who laugh because someone fell is also dai sohai.]

2. Sei Sohai – Sei means die. So it is an extra curse word on top of sohai. You use it because of hatred. You can called a policeman that saman you a sei sohai. If somebody knocks your car from the back you can call him sei sohai. If a politician say your mum bocor every month, you can call him sei sohai.

So you have learned a new word today, use more in your blog! If your visitors ask you what is Sohai, you can answer them, “Wah! Sohai you also don’t know ar! You are really a dai sohai!” Wahahahaha.

How to Pronounce ‘Sohai’?

A commenter below make a good example on how to pronounce it.

Soyabean’s So
Haiya’s Hai

p/s Oh, if you use the word ‘sohai’ in your post, remember to link it to this page!


26th Hong Kong Film Awards
• Winner – Best Picture
• Winner – Best Director (Patrick Tam Ka-Ming)
• Winner – Best Supporting Actor (Goum Ian Iskandar)
• Winner – Best New Artist (Goum Ian Iskandar)
• Winner – Best Original Screenplay (Patrick Tam Ka-Ming, Tian Kai-Leong)
• Nomination – Best Actor (Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing)
• Nomination – Best Supporting Actress (Kelly Lin)
• Nomination – Best Cinematography (Mark Lee Ping-Ban)
• Nomination – Best Editing (Patrick Tam Ka-Ming)
• Nomination – Best Art Direction (Patrick Tam Ka-Ming, Cyrus Ho Kim-Kung)

43rd Golden Horse Awards
• Winner – Best Picture
• Winner – Best Actor (Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing)
• Winner – Best Supporting Actor (Goum Ian Iskandar)
• Nomination – Best New Artist (Goum Ian Iskandar)
• Nomination – Best Original Screenplay (Patrick Tam Ka-Ming, Tian Kai-Leong)
• Nomination – Best Cinematography (Mark Lee Ping-Ban)
• Nomination – Best Make-up and Costume Design (Patrick Tam Ka-Ming, Tu Hsu-Chung)

This movie is very special to me because it is taken in Ipoh, my little hometown, where I am writing this blog from. The story is also based on Ipoh 20 years ago. At that time, I was at the age of the kid in the movie. I enjoy the movie very much but this post is not a movie review, this is another AhYap’s Just For Laught post.

This movie is based on 20 years ago at a place called Ipoh. To know how long is 20 years ago, a phone look like this in the movie.

Boy, it is a rotator phone. Kleeek-kak-kak-kak-kak-kak,Kleeek-kak-kak-kak-kak-kak-kak. You dial the number by rotating the numbers and not pushing buttons.

While Hong Kong and Taiwan people have no idea what Ipoh and Malaysia look like, but Ipoh guy (and other Malaysian) like me can easily sense something in miliseconds when we see these.

We are sensitive to something that look like ‘money’ because we hope to pick some up from the floor. This is the Malaysia new currency notes, they don’t exist 20 years ago.

Wow, this car with back break lights on the upper part of the car and metallic blue doesn’t exist as well 20 years ago. Hmm, we don’t have vCool or AirCool or other UV screen film at that time too.

Sorry boy, no red and white plastic chairs existed 20 years ago. It is either metal chairs, wood chairs, or bamboo chairs. But that Nissan Sunny is exactly what we use at that time.

medan kitt bus station

Oh my god! Ipoh Medan Kitt bus station hasn’t change even slightly for more than 20 years! I sat on that wood chair before 20 years ago. All the omni buses looked the same 20 years ago too (ticket price changed only). Public phones changed, they were orange colour 20 years ago.

And the WINNER!

There is no JobStreet.com 20 years ago! Wahahahahaha!

[There is no Google.com, no Yahoo.com, no Netscape browser, no Internet Explorer... no such thing as Ebay Auction, YouTube, Torrent, Blog, not even Jaring and TM-Nut Streamyx]

But the fucking proton saga existed 20 years ago and only changed slightly from saga to Iswara. You can still buy one today. Useless Proton.


There is a scene of Aaron Kwok drinking beer in a kopitiam that is opposite the sohai shop that print my name card. It is a Chinese kopitiam but the background music is a Malay song. Boy, no chinese kopitiam will broadcast Malay song. Nothing to be sensitive with because no mamak stall broadcast Chinese songs as well. Malay bus driver will switch on Radio Era instead of MyFM. No Indian listen to Chinese songs too when they are driving their Proton Wira with the window down and their hand put outside the car. It is our culture, we all know that. It has been that way for 50 years and nothing is wrong with that.

The malay song is later broadcast again in a fucking scene. Wahahaha.

What I mention here, won’t be noticed by the Hong Kong and Taiwan judges because they don’t understand our culture that much. A Malaysia judge might had noticed all these and may not rate it that good with such mistakes.

The movie does learn a lot about our culture and mimic them in the show, like the use of the word ‘lui’ as money. The word ‘lui’ is only used by Malaysian Chinese because it come from the word ‘duit’! So as the word ‘pasar’ and ‘bas sekolah’. And of course the best mimic of our Ipoh Chinese culture is the word ‘diu’ (soufu and I are very good with utilizing this word). ‘diu’ means fuck in Cantonis.

[Note: Only Ipoh and KL chinese use the word ‘diu’. Because Ipoh and KL chinese speaks Cantonis. Hokkien kia at Penang, Taiping, Singapore… use ‘kan ni’ (fuck you).]

Another word is ‘Ah Boy’, almost all Chinese families call their son ‘Ah Boy’. ‘Ah Boy’ become his name and when he is 50 year old, his 80 year old mum will still call his son ‘Ah Boy, eat rice lor’! And do you know why it is still better to be called Ah Boy? Because the first son will usually be called Ah Boy and the 2nd son will be called ‘Ah Bi’, which come from ‘Baby’! I don’t want my 80 year old mum calling me ‘Ah Bi, come to eat rice lor’ when I am 50 years old!

No matter what I say, this is indeed a very good film.

I knew this girl on 8/8/2003. It was a Friday. I went to her office to make a payment for my Anthony Robbins seminar. I was actually looking for Renie, one of the seminar’s consultants. And she is a part time staff of Renie. I remembered when Renie call me in the morning, I told her I can’t find a friend to accompany me to the seminar. She ask me to bring my girlfriend and I told her I did not have one. I ask her to recommend one for me and she seems so excited and told me she has one in her office! A form 6 girl who will come to the office after school.

So I went to Renie office at about 4pm in the evening and for the very first time, I meet the girl of my life. My first impression is, she is very sweet. And my first conversation with her is, “Your mummy not in ar?” and I forgot how she answered. But I remembered it is a very short sentence and she just sat there doing nothing (I thought she would at least call for Renie. Actually Renie already know I have came).

I didn’t talk directly to this girl for quite a long time because I am having long conversation with Renie. Just for some moments I will stare at her and she just keep smiling all the time like a doll and reading her newspaper. Sometimes, she will stand up and walk to another table to change another section of newspaper. She wear a slipper with her stocks on and she seems to walk in slow mode.

Later Renie went away for another Anthony Robbins preview and she let us alone. So this is the first time we are alone. :) We start to know each other, starts from our name, school and some background. I learned how to write her name.

Later it started to rain (rains is a very important phenomena in our love story because it gives chances all the time). I remembered her cute face when she is shocked with the rain. She will need to take a bus to tuition later. Of course, as a gentlemen, I offer to fetch her (see, I take full grip of my chances and how the rain helps). So we chat until 7.00 and I took her to tuition with my ADA4868. This is the first time I fetch a girl in Ipoh.

The conversation in the car are not that special but I remember at a moment she get excited and says, ‘haiiii lo’ (agree on what I say) and that push the button on my heart more. Before we say bye bye, I say I will look for her one day.

Long time ago, I blog my Investing Story – Part 1 where I mentioned that I have made a little money from the KLSE when I get started. I got over-confident and lost a lot more later when Najib became the deputy prime minister. Aih, Najib.

The first stock that I bought was Maxis! Why I suddenly told you about Maxis? Because the 2nd richest man in Malaysia, Mr Ananda ‘Gates’, announced yesterday that he plans to buy out the WHOLE company!

His suggested price is RM15.60 per share and he expects the buyout to be completed in 2 months. So everyone can sell their Maxis shares to Ananda at RM15.60 in 2 months. (They are selling at RM15.30~RM15.40 at market right now, so people who want to hold for the next 2 months can make like 1~2%)

AhYap, in 21 November 2003 bought 1,000 shares of Maxis at RM6.95!


Today is 05 May 2007, that’s exactly 3 and a half years (3.5 years).

Bought RM6.95, Sold RM15.60, total return = 124.4%! Compounded yearly return is 26% for the last 3.5 years! That’s better than Warren Buffett performance. ENVY?!


But unfortunately, AhYap sold his 1,000 Maxis Shares in less than 2 weeks after he bought them at RM$7.40, making a profit of 4.7% only after brokerage commissions and fees. At that time, AhYap was so proud of himself because he thought he had beat the 1 year Fixed-Deposit rate of 3.7% in just 2 weeks.

… … …

I am quite sure that 9 out of 10 people are short term focused. That’s normal. Who likes to wait? Do you like to wait outside of the restaurants for your turn? Do you like to wait in banks? Do you life to wait in traffic jam and traffic lights? No one like to wait, they want to be quick. And that includes money (that explain why pyramid schemes and other money cons still works very well today).

If you think 10 years from now is hard to imagine, do this exercise. Think 10 years ago. 10 years ago, where are you? How long do ’10 years ago’ feel to you? Most people will feel like it is just yesterday! And you will feel the same for today 10 years later! The same for 20 years and 30 years later! Sooner, you will be there.

For those who are short term oriented in everything of their life (work, investing, relationship, health, etc.) Herbert Stein has a good phase for you (BTW, I don’t know who the heck is Herbert Stein).

“We woke up to discover that we were living in the long run, and were suffering for our failure to look after it”.

When we make some mistakes, we will regret and hate ourself. But soon we will forget about it. The BIGGEST REGRET in our life, is not the mistakes we made, but the THINGS THAT WE DIDN’T DO THAT WE SHOULD HAVE DONE! 10 years, 30 years or 50 years later, you will forget about the mistakes you make long ago, but will regret on the things you should have done but you didn’t. If you agree with it, you will be more willing to take actions TODAY, more willing to make mistakes TODAY, so you won’t have to regret when you are old.

I might have sold my Maxis, make stupid mistakes in buying some stupid mutual funds … but I have been very hardworking in learning more about investing (I read almost 20 books on this topic alone in the last 6 months). 30 years from now, I will not regret if I sold my Maxis earlier, or lost a lot of money when Najib became the deputy prime minister, or the 12% I lost in options trading for the last 2 years … I will regret if I do none of these, and have my money just sit on a 3.7% fixed-deposit for 30 years where the same $2 that I put in today will only worth $6 where a pop-piah today that cost $2 today will also cost $6, 30 years later after inflation.

I think many people will have $1,000 today. What $1,000 will become after it is compounded for 30 years?

1% – $1,348 (savings account)

3.7% – $2,974 (fixed deposit)

5% – $4,321 (bonds)

8% – $10,062 (stocks, mutual funds, real estates)

10% – $17,449 (stocks, mutual funds, real estates)

15% – $66,211 (stocks, Phil Town)

20% – $237,376 (stocks)

25% – $807,793 (stocks, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Tan Teng Boo, Mohnish Pabrai)

30% – $2,619,995 (not many people can do this)

Are you happy if your $1,000 that you put in today became $237,376 30 years later? I don’t think any insurance policy can beat that kind of protection to yourself, your family and even your grandson.

Let’s say I continue to blog for 30 years and you keep reading for 30 years (I need to give you Ang Pow if you do that). Say I have put my $1,000 down today and it become $237,376. And I blog about it! While you, who read my blog today and 30 years later, put the same $1,000 in an FD and got $2,974, will you want to kill yourself when you read my post? I think you will never visit AhYap.com again to avoid being reminded of what you didn’t do where you should have done, 30 years ago. You regret.

And remember 30 years is the length of most of our housing loan! If you are willing to wait 30 years to fully own your house, you can definitely wait 30 years for your investment to become $237,376.

At last, if you make $237,376 30 years later, remember to give me ang pow or buy me some pop-piah! I am sure I will still be alive. But never come to me if you lost all your money! :D

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