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Someone named tokbi is attacking me on my Post on Prostitution. If you haven’t read the post before, please read it because it is one of my best posts in my blog.

Here is his comment

fuck off!!!

i couldn’t read it all because it is so bullshit!!! it is so wrong and just a piece of shit…!!! hey ah yap, please go to other country before i kick your ass!!! maybe you are the one with an extreme sex desire..a.k.a. sex maniac… malaysia is an islamic country la idiot!! islam is the official religion…negaraku is the official song, bunga raya is the official flower…islam forbid prostitution because it never benefits anybody or anyone except sex maniac like you..what the fuck you said?? prostitute in singapore has 3 monthly medical check up??? you are so stupid, you know..if they contract any STD, HIV or hepatitis germs they can transfer it to other people immediately…3 months ago clean report is very useless…as useless as you…

I am showing you his comment because this is a very good example of what I am trying to tell you in my post “Why The World Can Never Be Perfect!“. Tokbi’s perfect world is a world without prostitution and from his words, you know he wants a world that practices Muslim laws. And he goes to the extend that if you don’t agree with his perfect definition he will fuck you, chase you out of ‘his country’, kick your ass, remind you that Malaysia is an ‘Islamic country’, accuse you as a sex maniac, tell you that you are an idiot, useless and stupid.

He is still consider a nice guy because he didn’t come and bomb my house or kidnap my mother. There are people in this world that if you don’t agree with their prefect world definition, they will come and cut your head in front of the camera and upload it to YouTube! Don’t play play ar!

I’ve seen other Malay bloggers mentioning my post in their blogs and they find that my post is funny. And yet, how come the very same post can make some other Muslims so angry? As I’ve answered in the same ‘Perfect World‘ post, there are people who knows how to respect and accept things especially those that they don’t agree or dislike themselves. While there are also people who will never tolerate a single thing that doesn’t fit his ‘perfect definition’.

This is the world. This is Malaysia. What will Malaysia look like 50 years from now? Will Malaysians learn how to respect and accept each other? Or we are just going to selfishly demand more for our own, our races and our religion, pushing others to the cliff?

scwong: The math that we studies before, 90% of it is not useful in everyday life. I speak for those who are not engineers or accountants or architects, etc.

True! We try to figure out things like Train A start from Ipoh at 8.00am at the speed of 80km/h and Train B start from Johor Bahru at 9.00a.m. at the speed of 100km/h, at what time and where will both the train meet each other? Zzzzzzzzzz.

ahbi: ah yap a….y no add me in msn le…i gave u my email last time mer

My ex-coursemate Donald (The #1 cibai according to Google) has answered it for me nicely. “You guys don’t need to check him on messenger coz i can’t even get him on email!” Yes, CibaiYap really don’t play messenger and reply to emails. He also off his handphone most of the time. Even when it is on, he can let the phone ring and ring and ring without picking it up, making the caller on the other side jump like a monkey. That’s AhYap, or better be called CibaiYap because of this.

taikor: I only knew how to save RM100k in 5 years even before I graduate. For those working in Singapore, that’s a lot easier. Just bring back around S$950 every month and you’ll be able to save Rm100k in 5 years.

Those making SGD should aim for SGD $100,000 to become a SGD millionaire! :D But if you are making Rupiah, don’t save only 100,000 Rupiah lar. 100,000 Rupiah is only RM39.10!!!

april: i also bought ICAP. but damn miserable .. bought at 1.74 and only 200 units coz super and extremely poor. :’( Plan to sell at 2.15 and wait for it to drop and the buy alot alot in the future. Currently bought under my auntie’s account so have to sell asap or else next year all the minimum rate will increase to RM40. :( But sibeh good ah the share!!!!

I am very happy, so you are now the #4 people who listen to me. Did you buy 200 or 2,000? If one buy 200 units of ICAP at 1.74, his total cost would be RM361.14 including commissions and fees, making the averaged bought price 1.8057. In order to just break even, one need to sell it at 1.88! It needs to increase at least 8% before you can make any money.

The amount of units you bought affect your break-even point (the price where you sell and you don’t make or lose any money). If you buy ICAP at RM1.74 here are the break even points for different amount of units you buy.

100 – RM2.01
200 – RM1.88
300 – RM1.83
400 – RM1.81
500 – RM1.80
600 – RM1.79
700 – RM1.79
800 – RM1.78
900 – RM1.79
1,000 and above – RM1.77 (total investment around RM1,800)

When we buy or sell a stock, we need to pay the brokerage fee, stamp duty & clearing Fee. It’s the stamp duty and clearing fee that affect our break-even point because when you buy too little, stamp duty and clearing fee will account for a large percentage of your total invested amount.

Lesson 1: Every time you buy or sell, make sure the transacted amount is at least RM1,800 to maximize your return.

Online brokerage like HLeBroking and Maybank2u charge only 0.42% brokerage fee. If you are buying through a reminsier, you will need to pay 0.7%! If you know you can negotiate (most people don’t know), they will give you 0.6%. But that’s still more expensive than the 0.42%.

Lesson 2: Use an online brokerage house to save on brokerage fee.

yangsquare: I’m very prospective about this- but how do you manage to get 20% compound interest?? even 12% would be difficult to find, wont it?

It is very easy, if you know how. It is very hard, if you don’t know how. If you know how to swim, swimming is very easy. If you don’t know how to swim, swimming is very hard (and you can even get drown!). So is swimming easy or hard? Of course, I will share more and blog more later about how to get the 20%. Akan Datang.

yangsquare: Also remember there is also a negative force behind all positive forces; that is what we call INFLATION. inflation rate is currently around 2% for the whole country and 6% in big cities like KL. That means your money will diminish if you keep it in time.. meaning your 20% compound would only be like 18% after subtracting the inflation rate.

Brilliant. The answer is in the statement itself. Because inflation is unavoidable, that’s exactly the reason why we need to aim for a higher compound interest rate (and not the Amanah Saham’s 8%!). If you have live long enough, you should have witnessed the destruction-power of inflation. How much does 2 pop-piah cost 20 years ago? 80 cents. How much today? 2 Ringgit and 80 cents.

yangsquare: btw, how do i start a trading account? any minimum age for that?

18 is the minimum age. Open it online at HLeBroking.com. But you still need to print out the final application form and go to any Hong Leong bank to have your signature witnessed and IC certified. Then you can ask them to mail it for you to Hong Leong securities. To trade, you can bank in money to your brokerage account via Maybank or Hong Leong bank.

Huiying: I agree with the compounding theory too.. it really requires a lot of discipline to reject all kinds of temptations to make that type of saving. Meaning, if you are earning around 3k, while you are still young, no outings, no trips and no fun. Really tough. And so, I think balance is really important. A balance of lifestyle and having saving at the same time.

This is a very open topic like politics and religion. Always can’t get a right or wrong from it. If you are honest with yourself and look at all the people around you, do you think there is more rich people or poor people? Is there more healthy people or unhealthy people? Is there more successful people or fucked-up people? If you do what most people do, you will get what most people get – poor, unhealthy and fucked-up. But this arrangement is good and nothing need to be changed. If not, who is going to sweep the street? Who is going to tar the road? Who is going to be police (haha)? :)

But what different now is that most people don’t know they have a choice. You know you have a choice now. So you want to be like most people or you want to join the less-people club? But as I said earlier, it is okay to be like most people. If everyone has money, who is going to work at the bank’s counter? Who is going to be our accountant? Who is going to be a brilliant engineer to design better stuffs for our livings? Who’s going to repair our car when it is broken?

Huiying: Just wondering, when you purchased ICAP, you are using the rule#1 method?

No, I don’t. You don’t evaluate ICAP using Rule #1 method because ICAP is a fund and not an ordinary business. ICAP is currently holding 15 stocks. You can happily evaluate it’s holdings using rule #1. ICAP strategy is value investing, and rule #1 is one kind of value investing which is more ‘aggressive’. There are many ways to implement value investing and ICAP is using a more conservative value investing approach than rule #1, making you sleep easier at night. I will discuss what I mean by aggressive and conservative in some other posts.

This post is dedicated to all working engineers and university graduates below 30. Aiya, so you are over 30? Nevermind lar, just pretend you are younger lor.

Most youngster think that MLM is the best opportunities to get rich. But when I look back at my friends who joined MLM for the pass few years, almost all of them quit and get back to their day job! When they try to recruit me in university time, they promised me a lot of get-rich-dreams and scold me stupid for not joining. Now they all quit. Imagine you have joined an MLM company because you believe in the sales pitch of your upline and later he quit! You are left alone! So think twice before you get into MLM.

I have 2 friends that are incredible Great Eastern insurance agent. One of them sold 97 covers last year. Another guy told me he can close 1 sale on every 5 meetings! Great! Unfortunately, I also have a lot of friends who can hardly sell 1 insurance policy in a month! Gave up, and got back to day job. Insurance is not for everyone.

How about trading? I have attended an Options Trading seminar 2 years ago. The speaker is the #1 options teacher in Asia based on the number of students he has. He is extremely high profile. I know he is very rich, but not all his students make it (including me).

You know what, when I talk to a few seminar participants in the graduates gathering few months later, most of them don’t even have a trading account yet! And the questions they ask me tell me that they simply learn nothing from the seminar. They are still not up to the kindergarden level!

Understanding the basic doesn’t guarantee you to make money, but NOT understanding the basic means you can’t even play the game! If I understand everything and actively trade for 2 years but still cannot make money, do you expect they can?

Again, it is not for everyone. You you haven’t heard me sing “My Money Live Over The Ocean“, you need to.

How about the current HOT make money online? Most people who teach you how to make money online make money by teaching you how to make money online. (sorry for this poor sentence structure.) They don’t know how to make money online. I have a long post on it.

How about starting your own business? Huh, if you can’t make money when somebody is helping you, i.e. MLM and Insurance, and you are having problem making money trading and internet marketing, then what is the success rate for you to start your very own business? Do you have the capital? Do you have the knowledge? Can you differentiate between a sole proprietorship and a Sdn Bhd?

MLM is out. Insurance is out. Trading is out. Internet marketing is out. Starting your own business is out. Then WHAT?

Just continue to work as an engineer! (or doctor or lawyer or anything that you study in University)


Ok ok, don’t get mad. Give me some time to explain. You just need to understand a simple concept. This concept is so SIMPLE that most engineers and university graduates CANNOT understand it because these professionals can only understand COMPLICATED things but not simple things. They know how to calculate e = mc2 but tell you 1 + 1 = 3. They can measure the speed of light and the number of electrons in a piece of silicon plus the amount of laser required to cut your eye without blinding you but they cannot understand this simple concept-

The Power Of Compounding!

Albert Einstein has repeatedly telling people the power of compounding in a lot of occasions. And now AhYap is doing the same and this is not the first post I talk about it.

“Compounding,” Albert Einstein said, “is mankind’s greatest invention because it allows for the reliable, systematic accumulation of wealth.”

Einstein calls compounding the “8th wonder of the world.”

Einstein, “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.”

Here is how compounding works. If you have $100,000 today and if you can grow it by 20% each year, here is what it will become in the 30 years period.

Begin _ $---100,000
Year 5_ $ _-248,832
Year 10 $ _-619,173
Year 15 $ 1,540,702
Year 20 $ 3,833,760
Year 25 $ 9,539,622
Year 30 $23,737,631

Did you notice that you just need 15 years to become a millionaire if you have $100,000 right now and you are able to compound it 20% per year?

Let’s don’t argue in this post whether 20% is achievable or reasonable, I will explain it in another post. At this time, you just need to know that Warren Buffett, the 2nd richest man in the world compound his money at 21% for over 40 years! In his first 10 years from 1957 to 1967, he actually compounded at 29%. Peter Lynch, the best mutual fund manager in the world compounded his fund at 29% for 19 years. He is retired now. Tan Teng Boo, the Malaysia #1 fund manager compounded at 24% for 10 years! And he is STILL ALIVE and NOT RETIRED YET! :D

20% is definitely achievable if you know where to put your money.

There are 3 factors that is very important to compounding:-

1. The compound return rate (the interest rate)
2. The initial capital/money
3. The compounding period (how long you compound it)

We have talked about the compound return rate just now. From today onwards, I want you to remember the number 6!

AhYap, “If you can compound your money at 20% per year, your money will grow 6 times every 10 years.”

Remember it!

20% is what we are aiming for. If we failed, and say we only manage to compound at 15% (some Public Mutual Funds are able to compound at 15%), what will we get? For 15%, our money will grow 4 times every 10 years.

Notice the big differences? 20% = 6 times, 15% = 4 times. Don’t feel upset, even at 15% (4 times every 10 years), $100,000 will become $400,000 in 10 years and then $1.6 million in 20 years. Happy now?

What if you are good enough to get 25%? Your money will grow 9 times! Wow! 25% is still reasonable as Peter Lynch did 29% for 19 years. But don’t dream too big, everything beyond 30% for the long term is unreasonable and hard to achieve.

If you are ignorant and you put your money in Amanah Saham 2020 which gives you averaged 8% return, how much will it grow? Your money will only grow 2 times (double) in 10 years. Now you know why I sold all my Amanah Saham 2020 to my parents after holding it for 10 years since 1997!

Now here is the most interesting thing. At 20%, your money grow 6 times every 10 years. If you eat enough ginseng and bird’s nest, you will probably have a lot of 10 years in your life! If you are 25 and you live until 75, you have five 10 years. Eat more ginseng and maybe you have six, seven or eight 10 years more. :)

Every 10 years, your money grow 6 times more!

$100,000 … (10 years later) … $600,000 … (10 years later) … $3,600,000 … (10 years later) … $21,600,000 … (10 years later) … $129,600,000 … (10 years later) … $777,600,000

If you have RM777,600,000 today, you will be ranked around the 20th richest men in Malaysia. But that’s too far fetched. 50 years is too long to imagine. Malaysia just celebrate his 50 year old birthday. So, we just target 20 years enough.

RM100,000 + 20 years + 20% compound = RM3.6 Million

Key understanding here is that the rewards from compounding come late in time. Early in time, the reward is not enough to feed chicken. Let me explain.

At the beginning, you will laugh at the return. On the first year, your money only increase RM20,000 from your RM$100,000. Most people make more than RM20,000 per year. So compare to their income, they can say, “So what?” It is not tasty at the beginning.

Even in the 2nd year, you only get RM24,000 from your nest eggs of RM120,000. Again “So what?”. Not tasty.

But when the snow ball grow bigger and bigger, your money actually increase to RM600,000 in 10 years. Your money will grow $120,000 on the 11th year! Well, there are still people who can make $120,000 per year. So nevermind, wait another 10 years until your snow ball grow to RM3.6 million. At the 21st year, your money will grow by $720,000! Now, tell me how many jobs can give you $720,000 per year? Even Hishammuddin doesn’t make it!

The power of compounding come late in time. It is like a exactly like a snow ball that roll bigger and bigger.


1. Save RM100,000 in 5 years. You need to start as early as possible. If you start immediately after graduation, you should be able to save RM100,000 before 30.

Remember that the more money you are able to pump in at the beginning, the bigger rewards you are going to reap at the end. RM100,000 is the bare minimum. If you can, get more! RM100,000 gives you RM3.6 million in 20 years, RM200,000 will gives you RM7.2 million!

2. Aim for 20% compounded return. But you will still do fine with 15%. With initial capital of RM100,000, 15% will give you RM1.6 million in 20 years. 20% will give you RM3.6 million in 20 years.

At that time, petrol and toll fee at KL is dirt cheap for you and you will not be angry with Sammy Vellu.

Why The Early Stage Is The Most Critical!

A RM1,000 saved at 25 year old is worth a lot more than a RM1,000 saved at 35 year old. Because if you saved RM1,000 at 25, it will become RM6,000 when you are 35! (remember the magic number 6)

So it is the same for RM100,000! A RM100,000 saved at 30 year old is worth a lot more than RM100,000 saved at 40! Because the RM100,000 saved at 30 will grow 6 times to RM600,000 at 40!

This is why it is very important to start as early as possible and squeeze as much money as possible from your salary.

Here are my suggestions… these are not jokes!!!

1. Don’t buy a Toyota Vios or a Honda City yet! These are fresh graduates favorite cars. Don’t even buy a Proton Savvy or Proton Wira! Just buy a damn Proton Iswara (or Honda 70)! If you buy a Honda City, you probably will drive the Honda City for your whole life. But if you buy an Iswara and save the remaing for compounding, you can drive an S Class or BMW 7 series or even a Porsche 20 years later (buy 2nd hand one lar, cheaper). If you really want to buy a better car, buy it only after you have saved RM100,000.

[AhYap is still driving his damn Iswara]

2. Don’t buy a house yet! Rent a small cheap room for the first 5 years or stay with your mum! Buy a house only after you have saved your RM100,000 capital. If you get a housing loan too early, it is VERY hard for you to save the RM100,000 because of the heavy installments. A house is NOT an asset -> Read the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. It will only make your poorer.

3. Don’t buy medical card and insurance yet! My insurance friends are going to kill me on this. But I still have to say it. Buy it only after you have saved your RM100,000! If you really want to buy, a better plan is to kill yourself after 2 years so your family will have the RM100,000 insurance claim to compound and let them get rich.

Why can’t you just take the risk of not having an insurance policy for another 5 years? Most probably you don’t have any insurance policy when you are studying in University and in secondary school. Most people spend 10 to 20% of their income in insurance. That’s a lot of money!

4. Don’t get married yet! Uhhhh. This is not an advice, this is just the truth. When you have a family (even just a girlfriend), you will tend to overspend. Luxurious dinners, gifts and entertainments…

Furthermore, females are weaker with money (a.k.a. NUMBERS). It is very hard for them to understand why you need to save so much and the concept of compounding. I am not discriminating female, I am just telling the truth. Female hates physics and maths in secondary school because their brains are not design to process numbers. For girls, it is always better to buy a new shoe and a new Sony Ericsson right now, than to see it grow 36 times in 20 years so she can buy many many LV bags and Coach bags.

Girls are also brain washed by their parents since they are kids. If you want to marry her, you need to buy her a house and put her name on it. No house, no wife. You will also need to buy her an EXPENSIVE wedding ring. Because she says the SIZE of the ring represent how much you love her! Wedding dresses, wedding dinner, wedding album…. you have got to show that you love her, with MONEY. :)

[Girls, if you have a RM5,000 budget to buy a diamond ring today and you spend all to buy it, your diamond ring will immediately worth 50% less because it is now 2nd hand. And you will never have the chance to sell it at RM5,000 again in your whole life. If you buy a RM1,000 ring and put the RM4,000 to compound, you can buy a RM96,000 diamond ring 20 years later]

Cibai… why my post is getting longer and longer…

There are thousands of ways to save more money from your salary. Don’t go to Mid Valley, One U and The Curve will guarantee to save you plenty of money. You all know Sunway Pyramid has just expanded with a new wing, but don’t go!

Can a University Graduate Really Save RM100,000 in 5 years?

University graduates usually will have an income from RM2,000 to RM5,000 in the first 5 years of their working horizon. It is even more if you are a Malaysian working overseas in places such as Hong Kong and Singapore. If you can stay alive with just a mere RM600 PTPTN in University, it is BULLSHIT that you can’t save RM100,000 in 5 years with such salary.

The point is whether you are willing to save those money by temporary lowering your standard of living so you can reap the BIG reward in the future. And on whether you understand how much your RM100,000 will be worth 20 years later.

Save the damn RM100,000 in the first 5 years. Live like you are depending on PTPTN for the first 5 years. Then you can do whatever you want to do with your salary after you got your initial capital (car, house, insurance, wife, Sky Bar, Lorenzo, prostitute …).

To make my earlier examples more easy to understand, I’ve asked you to compound only after you have RM100,000. But in real case scenario, you begin to compound the day you start putting money into your capital! If you save RM10,000 for the first year and compound it at 20% for 5 years, it will become RM25,000! So the money you save in early years will enjoy compound gain. So even if you save less at the beginning when your salary is low, the power of compounding is already working for you. And in the late years when your salary is higher, you can save a higher portion of your salary. So RM100,000 is really not that hard!

Savings Plan Example -

Year 1 – RM10,000
Year 2 – RM15,000
Year 3 – RM15,000
Year 4 – RM20,000
Year 5 – RM25,000
Total _- RM85,000

So you saved a total of RM85,000 from your salary in 5 years. But since you already have money saved in the first 2 years (RM25,000), you should be able to invest those money and earn your remaining RM15,000 easily on Year 5. So you will be able to get a minimum of RM100,000. Understand now why car, house, insurance and wife will slow you down?

Final Words

I have explained the power of compounding to a lot of people in the pass few months. And honestly, most of them listen with one ear in and one ear out. Some even feel so sleepy that they open their mouth as BIG as the mouth of hippopotamus. So I decided to blog everything out once and save my saliva next time.

I even told many of them to buy ICAP when it is traded in the range of RM1.60. Luckily my parents listened to me, and also 2 of my friends (one of them is soufulow. Yo! high five). But most of the others never listen. This is the market price of ICAP compare to KLSE Composite Index.


It is traded in the range of RM1.60 for several months, giving people a lot of time to buy. I bought from February to April at prices range from RM1.44 to RM1.66, with the final averaged bought price of RM1.55. Soufulow even bought at the peak at RM1.67 in May. I sold all my mutual funds, Amanah Saham 2020 and close all my FDs to invest almost ALL my money in this one single stock. It closed at RM2.04 on last Friday. A 31% growth for me.

This close end fund (listed as ICAP in KLSE), is managed by Tan Teng Boo, the guy who did 24% compound for the last 10 years. You can learn more about the fund here. I will definitely write more about ICAP in the future.

I’ve shared my knowledge here. It takes me more than 7 hours to write this post. I’ve done my part. I don’t have the responsibility to make you rich. I could have watch movies or sleep in the last 7 hours (it’s 6.18am now). I don’t make a single cent from blogging. I have read 20+ books on investing in the last 12 months and this is the essence I have for you. Plus a few more that I have written in Intelligent Investing. So whether you want to make use of these knowledge, is totally up to you.

Click here for Part 2

Sorry for not blogging for more than 6 weeks. I am hiding in a cave in Ipoh so that Hishammuddin cannot find me and put me in jail. Mr Hisham, I am not trying to make fun of you, I am just teaching people how to spell your name correctly only lar. :P

OK. The real reason I am not blogging is because I have put a lot of things into my NOT-TO-DO list. You have heard of TO-DO list many times, which list down a lot of things that you need to do. A NOT-TO-DO list on the other hand is a list of things that you want to remind yourself NOT TO DO!

When we have a long TO-DO list, we will be very stressful and overwhelmed. We have so much to do and yet we have so little time. But the good news is, a lot of things that we put in our TO-DO list can actually be eliminated without affecting our life! By transferring these meaningless TO-DO to a new NOT-TO-DO list, we earn a lot of extra time. You will feel more relax and focus. You get FREEDOM.

So, unfortunately, I have temporary put blogging into my NOT-TO-DO list. :( Not because of Hishammuddin invites me to drink tea at ISA lar.

Another thing that I have put into my NOT-TO-DO list is StreamyxSucks.com. Since they setup a new 10Gbps link in July, I have been enjoying incredible speed with Streamyx. But I find out that while I am enjoying decent speed, there are actually more people complaining after the upgrade. But until today, I still enjoy my Streamyx very much and it is the best connection I have gotten for the pass 5 years.

So I have decided not to continue my StreamyxSucks.com project and will stop collecting emails today. Sorry to act like a politician – Talk COCK a lot but do nothing at the end. Maybe I do have some politician blood? Wahaha.

I will give you guys some direction on what’s next.

For All Torrent Freaks and P2P Addicts

For torrent freaks and P2P addicts, all you need is a VPN service. A VPN route your torrent and P2P connections to another server to bypass the capping done by Tmnet. You can easily get 50kb to 100kb torrent speed by using VPN. Current I am using BolehVPN.

You will need to pay for this service because these guys need to pay for the Server. The price is around RM1 per day and there are several packages. However, I suggest that you never pay more than 2 months at once! This is because there are several VPN providers that have run away! I paid my last provider 6 months in advance and he run away after 2 months. So only pay the amount you are comfortable to loss. You can find other VPN providers here.

For Those Who Just Want To Rant and Complaint

Lowyat Forum, the biggest Malaysia community has a very active Streamyx forum where you can meet a lot of Streamyx users online. They even setup a special rant thread for you to fxxk tmnet CEO’s mama and grand-mama (over 1,700 replies!).

Soufu has also collected a lot of streamyx complaints here and he wants you to submit more.

For Those Who Want To Have a Streamyx Sucks T-Shirt.

Soufu called me and say he is very interested in printing the T-Shirt and I am sure a lot of you are very eager to wear it, so please check out Soufu’s Streamyx Sucks T-Shirt Design and push him to print it as soon as possible!

For Those Who Want To Quit Using Streamyx And Use Other ISPs

Unfortunately, almost all ISP are more fucked-up than Streamyx. For Streamyx, you can at least call 1300-88-9515 to send your regards to their mother and father but for most other ISPs, they don’t even pick up your phone calls. You will get more depressed and end up complaining at AhYap.com.

But there is always hope, check out Redesign Malaysia – Better Broadband for a list of ISPs and activities that you can participate in.

For Those Who Want To Screw AhYap’s Ass Hole For Overpromise and Underdeliver for StreamyxSucks.com

I will wear 16 underwears beginning today so it won’t be easy for you! I am protecting my asshole at all cost!!!

Free Streamyx Sucks banners will always be available at StreamyxSucks.com. Comments for this post is now closed as you can now find more abang adik at Lowyat.net’s Streamyx forum.

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