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Sometimes (actually most of the time) what the Malaysian government really want is very confusing and contradicting to the people.

When the economy is not good, government use the magic pill called ‘interest rate’ to boost up the economy. By lowering interest rate, businesses can access to cheaper funds to expand their business and produce more goods/services. They will hire more people and thus create more jobs, expand production and thus increase purchases of raw materials, etc. Consumers are also tempted to borrow more money to spend, such as buying cars, house, Armani, etc. So the reason to reduce interest rate is to increase spending.

Government also setup emergency funds for SME to borrow and use. Reason? To increase spending.

EPF asks us to reduce contributions from 11% to 7% so we can have the extra money to spend and thus get the economy rolling.

I understand all these. But at the same time, government also ask us not to spend money. They say the economy is not good. They ask us not to go shopping, not to buy house, not to buy car. They ask us to keep all our money and spend nothing.

They even ask us not to buy vegetables but instead plant them ourselves. Ask us not to eat in mamak store but cook ourselves. They even suggest something call the ‘no spending day’ where we choose a day that whole Malaysian will not be spending.


I am confused. Mr Government, what do you actually want me to do? To spend or not to spend?

When they ask us not to spend and give suggestions that we should plant vegetables ourselves and organize ‘no spending day’, you know that they come from politicians that can talk but don’t know what they are talking (ahem, they are leaders chosen by you).

Lets look at planting vegetables ourselves.

In KL, if you have land in your house to plant vegetables, I think you are the less affected by the economy downturn! Most people stay in condos, apartments and terrace house and where should they plant the vegetables? In the toilet bowl? Or on top of their proton saga?

Now look at the effect of ‘no spending’.

Everyone is not going to Mid Valley and mamak store and kopitiam. The management of Mid Valley and the CEO of the mamak store decided that since there will be no business, why do business? So they close shop. All staff no need to work and no salary is paid because their work is no longer required. Staff has no salary, business also not making money. Business don’t pay rent anymore. Premise owner also don’t have money to pay loan installment. The ex-staff also don’t have money to eat and feed their family! They spend their savings if they still have some. Factory also stop running because mid valley won’t buy their productions because no one is buying. Factory worker also lost their job. Factory are not buying new machine, machine seller also go out of business. Factory and Mid Valley are not using electricity, TNB also lose money. Everyone no money to eat, farmers also stop planting because their crops are left to rot because no one is buying. Borrowers don’t have money to pay housing loan and car loan. Loans start to default. Borrowers become bankrupt, bank loses money and don’t want to lend anymore… then parti keadilan blame BN for all these, Lim Kit Siang and Kapal Sigh blame Najib and Ong Kee Tiat for these, the Malay blame Chinese for all these, and the Chinese blame feng shui for all these…

Sorry to be too fat fetched. I just want you to know the chain reaction of not spending is very big. Even if the whole Malaysians stop spending for just 1 day, the effect can be very destructing.

Although most of us didn’t go to business school. The economy can be understood by this simple metaphor. The whole economy is like our body. The money flowing is like our blood. Our blood need to circulate to do all the works of transporting oxygen to the body and carbon dioxide out of our body. The blood also contains white blood cells that protect us from ‘alien’, platelets that stop us from bleeding to death, etc. The blood play an important role to sustain the health of the body. All it needs to do is just to flow and flow and continue to flow. What happened when the blood stop flowing? The body dies. The same applies to economy (the body), the money (blood) flow decides the health/state of the economy (body)

Blood stop flowing = die.
Blood flowing too slow? tired, boredom = economy downturn/recession.
Blood flowing too fast? stress, high blood pressure, heart attack! = inflation, “hard landing”, unsustainable growth and economy collapsed.

interest rate = one of the magic pill to control how fast the blood flow. Higher = make it slower. Lower = make it faster.

Japan interest rate is almost zero. The magic pill don’t work in Japan. The Japanese themselves don’t spend money. Everyday is ‘no spending day’. The Japanese can only sell to non-Japanese so actually the non-Japanese are doing blood infusion to the Japan economy to sustain their life. Now the whole world does’t have enough blood and no longer be able to do blood infusion to Japan. That’s why Japan is the first country in the world to get into recession in this ‘crisis’.

Leaders are meant to lead and teach people. Choose your leaders wisely.

Doctor say you should drink more milk to get more calcium so your bone can get stronger. All milk advertisements also say the same thing. You never doubt that. Anlene says 2 cups of anlene give you all the calcium you need in a day. By watching the TV ad every day you also think it is true, since no body ever tell you it is wrong. And newspaper also tell you it is true. Everyone (the blinds) is telling everyone else (the blinds) drink more milk for more calcium.

So as a good son or daughter you buy milk for your old mum to drink. Because you want to be ‘good’ to them, you force them to drink 2 cups of milk daily. She is also very happy because she got a good son that love her so much.

But what if I tell you instead of loving her you are actually trying to kill her?

Something that everyone else say is correct can be way wrong. And you have to always remember the story of Galileo, the man who said it is not the sun that circle around the earth but the earth that is circling around the sun. Everyone think he is way wrong at that time and even lock him up in his own house for his entire life.

That’s why I wrote a long post on be open minded and ready to investigate. A lot (almost all!) of things in this world that you think is right can be just way wrong. Remember Galileo, be open minded.

Why milk actually leak calcium out of your body instead of giving you the calcium?

There is no lie by the packaging of the milk that it indeed contain a lot of calcium in the milk. But unfortunately not only that the calcium will not be absorbed but it actually will leak more calcium that you originally have out of your body! That means the more milk you drink the more calcium will get out of your body! The more milk you drink, the more quicker you will get calcium deficiency and bone problem.

Did you brain just say, “No way!” ?

Why drinking milk leak calcium out of your body?

Because I want you to do the investigation yourself (using Google is enough), I will just explain it in a few short sentences. If that drive your curiosity, investigate on it and see if you will still let your mum drink milk.

Yes, milk contains calcium. But milk is also liquid protein that is called acid lactic. So milk is actually acidic! (gastric patients are asked to drink milk, which is also very foolish, I will explain in another post). When you drink too much milk, your body become acidic. But our body cannot tolerate acidic and cannot function well (and will even die) if it gets too acidic. But our body is a very intelligent machine that it will try to correct everything by its own. So when your body becomes too acidic, it starts to drain calcium (alkali) from your bone and teeth to neutralize your blood! Your body has choose to respond to the crisis by ‘borrowing’ calcium from your bone and teeth!

Skeptical? Investigate yourself.


It seems that the countries with the highest intake of dairy products are invariably the countries with the most osteoporosis.

For the key to the osteoporosis riddle, don’t look at calcium, look at protein. Consider these two contrasting groups. Eskimos have an exceptionally high protein intake estimated at 25 percent of total calories. They also have a high calcium intake at 2,500 mg/day. Their osteoporosis is among the worst in the world. The other instructive group are the Bantus of South Africa. They have a 12 percent protein diet, mostly p lant protein, and only 200 to 350 mg/day of calcium, about half our women’s intake. The women have virtually no osteoporosis despite bearing six or more children and nursing them for prolonged periods! When African women immigrate to the United States, do they develop osteoporosis? The answer is yes, but not quite are much as Caucasian or Asian women. Thus, there is a genetic difference that is modified by diet.

To answer the obvious question, “Well, where do you get your calcium?” The answer is: “From exactly the same place the cow gets the calcium, from green things that grow in the ground,” mainly from leafy vegetables. After all, elephants and rhinos develop their huge bones (after being weaned) by eating green leafy plants, so do horses. Carnivorous animals also do quite nicely without leafy plants. It seems that all of earth’s mammals do well if they live in harmony with their genetic programming and natural food. Only humans living an affluent life style have rampant osteoporosis.

Update: This post has sparked a debate here. Interesting! :D



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