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Perspective, perspective, perspective. We have a lot of incorrect perspectives that we need to change. While some wrong perspective won’t affect us much (like whether the earth goes round the sun or the sun goes round the earth), some wrong perspectives can actually kill a lot of people!


Doctors are intelligent but they don’t have wisdom (see I am making enemies with police, BN, mutual funds and now doctors!).

They are damn smart. Their brain can memorize and process information billions of times faster than ordinary people like you and me. Put me to study medicine and I am sure I will be sent to Hospital Tanjung Rambutan for treatment.

I don’t care how smart are you but if you are learning, memorizing and processing the wrong information, you are still only smart at doing the wrong thing! And that’s ‘no wisdom’. Please note that I am only referring to doctors involving in treating disease and sickness. I still have 100% respect to doctors on handling emergency cases and savings lives of those hit by a car or bitten by snakes. But for treating diseases and sickness, it is a total failure and it only show how foolish are they.

Luckily, there are some doctors who are awakening, such as Dr Kradjian on milk and calsium. But there are just too little of them. We need more of them.

Today, AhYap is going to change your perspective on cancer and explain to you why it is actually a good thing and not a bad thing that the modern medicine make it to be.

Cancer is a not disease.

Cancer is a healing mechanism.

Cancer is the symptom and not the cause!

It is stupid and foolish to treat symptom and not the cause which is what modern medicine is all about when it comes to treating disease and sickness!

The initial assumption by doctors that cancer cells are the enemy is already wrong. If you start with a wrong assumption, everything that follow is wrong. If you want to go to Singapore and you keep on going north, you just won’t get there. Not only you won’t get there, you are getting further and further away and end up in Thailand! So doctors are doing more harm to the patient than on healing them.

So what do doctors do? They treat cancer cells as enemies, who they think without invitation, without any reasons, suddenly come and attack the body. So their treatment philosophy on cancer is to kill all the cancer cells! They declare war on cancer cells!


1. Cancer cells is not your enemy but your friend.

2. Cancer cells actually come by your own invitation and with a meaningful reason!

3. They didn’t attack your body, they are trying to heal you!

I know you are saying (especially doctors and those heavily influence by modern medicine), “Sohai, do you know what the hell you are talking about?” I don’t care what you think, I still have to write because there are at least 1% of the people in the world who are open minded enough to accept a new perspective and thus save a lot of life! I would rather be Galileo than to hide the truth!

Have you heard of people who totally recover from cancer? Did you investigate on them and see what have they done in common?

When it comes to disease, always treat the cause and not the symptom!

- When you have acne and pimples, there is nothing wrong with your hormone and your skin and the bacteria! Eating hormone pills and keep painting your face with Oxy is treating the symptom and not the cause.

- When you have dandruff, there is nothing wrong with your scalp. Actually your scalp is performing its function very well! Washing your head with Head and Shoulders is treating the symptom and not the cause.

Head and Shoulder Shampoo

- When you have sore throat, there is nothing wrong with the virus. Eating antibiotics and Fisherman pills is treating the symptom and not the cause.

- When you have gastric, there is nothing wrong with your stomach releasing hydrochloric acid. Eating Actal pills (alkaline pills) and drinking milk is treating the symptom and not the cause.

Actal Pill

- When you have kidney stones, gall stones, bladder stones or brain stones, there is nothing wrong with the kidney and the stone. Ask your doctor to cut it open and dig out the stone is treating the symptom and not the cause.

- When you have headache, almost all the time it is not your head that have problem. Eating Panadol is treating the symptom and not the cause.

The list can go on so long (heart problems, high blood pressure…). And I will definitely write and explain all of them in my blog later. I am a real life victim of pimples, gastric, dandruff, milk(!), antibiotics, headache, etc and have a lot of stories to tell.

Then what is cancer cells doing in our body?

The cancer cells is just normal cells that have been asked to mutate to perform certain things (keyword – asked to).

It starts to get interesting isn’t it? :D

Who asked the normal cells to mutate and why they are being asked to mutate?


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