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I accidentally stumble upon this 2 videos. Both of them have some kind of magic that keep drawing my attention. I really don’t know what to say about them. Are they ‘similar’ or are they ‘contrast’? I don’t know, but I want to hear what you want to say. You will learn 2 words after watching them. First word “GEEGEEGEEGEE”. Second word “Yatta!”. :)

THE GIRLS – 1,274,583 views (4.5 star rating)

THE GUYS – 1,364,321 views (4.5 star rating)

I am trying to write a “free-flow” speech-liked post and will edit it later. That means I am writing what comes up in my mind the moment I am writing (or more correctly, speaking).

There will be a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. Please bear with me. In communication, it is not the correct spelling and grammar that matter, it is how well I can deliver the message to you that matter. I really don’t care how many missing ‘s’ and how many missing ‘ed’ in my writing. [Malaysian should be proud of our ability to speak and write multiple languages]

This is a very very very long post but it will be very very eye opening and interesting post. Since I only write once in a while, you can read a few paragraphs a day (who knows maybe you need to wait for the next PM changed before I will write another post).

This is a follow up to my cancer post and all the comments there. Please read that post first if you are new here.

Why Observations and Conclusions from the so called scientific approach can be way wrong?

Modern medicine beats any medicine and healing approaches in the world because of their so called scientific approach. Everything looks so systematic and effective. Smart people go to University to take medicine courses and become doctors because of the systematic education approach. Experiments are done in statistical approach to get the ‘correct’ observations and conclusions. It swipe the entire globe in less than a century and every corner of the earth is now believing strongly on them.

They are REALLY doing a fantastic job on handling trauma cases, i.e. snake bites, lion bites, fell off the cliff, shot my missile, crashed by a train, beaten up by Jet Li, bullet in the brain, nuclear bomb aftermath, etc. They do a superb work in the emergency ward. No other healing methods can even come close to them.

Unfortunately, they failed miserably outside the emergency room. You just can’t use the emergency “cut it open with a knife” mindset on treating everything!

For heavy weight diseases like cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, stones to the lower weight fever, flu, sore throat, nose sensitive, pimples, dandruff and to the NEVERLAND allergies, hair lose, myopia, far-sightedness, etc. They just failed. Not only they failed, they failed after dumping billions of dollar into it.

They claimed to be scientific, but most of the time they like to tell their cancer patient, “Cancer cells are spontaneous and random!”. Spontaneous and random never come close to scientific. They tell the high blood pressure patients,  “People usually get this when they get old!”

Most scary thing they would say to their patients are, “You have X more days to live!” They also like to blame genetics and hormones when they are confused.

Ask yourself, do you like these kind of answers? Do you like doctors telling you you are sick because you are old, your inherit some genes problems or that your hormone has some problem that we can’t do anything to?

Why do you get flu? Why do you get sore throat? According to modern medicine, that is because our bodies are invaded by germs – bacterias and viruses! I suppose that is what you believe in if you haven’t encounter anyone like me who tell you loudly and confidently, “No! It is not!”.

How is the scientific experiment done? The researchers take a lot of blood samples from both the sick people and the normal people. This is call the statistically approach. According to them, the bigger the sample, the more accurate the observations and conclusions.

After analyzing all the bloods, they notice that in the blood of the sicked, they found those tiny little things under the microscope that is NOT in the blood of the normal people, which they call the germs – the bacteria and the viruses.

The sample is big. So they claim the observation to be correct. So they make the conclusion that these germs/aliens in our bodies causes the disease! So as long as we can kill them, we get heal!

So what’s the problem here? Isn’t that it sounds scientific and logical? Isn’t that it looks very intelligent?

Because they make the conclusion that germs are our ENEMY, the way to handle it is to use WAR. They use the “war to stop the war”approach on healing. It looks like they are right, because your flu, your fever and your sore throat do get better after taking all those antibiotics and drugs that they invented to kill those germs.


Fact #1

Even if you don’t take any antibiotics and drugs, your flu, your sore throat and your fever will also get well later. It might be slower and you might not feel comfortable, but can you see that you can heal without any of these medicine? You can heal without doing anything?

Come one step further, it is not those antibiotics and drugs that really heal us but it is our own body that heal us! It is our own healing mechanism in action. The antibiotics merely help in reducing the cause factors and the drugs might only serve the purpose of making you feel better (less pain).

Fact #2

Science and logical thinking is not as simple as this -

1. If the sky is cloudy, it will rain.
2. Today the sky is cloudy.
3. Today it will rain.

WHY? Because there are just too many factors that you will missed that make observations and conclusions totally useless. The modern medicine says

1. Germs cause diseases.
2. He has germs in his body.
3. That’s why he is sicked.

It looks OK and logical and very intelligent. Let looks at how many factors you can miss because of that.

1. My car is red.
2. There is a red car.
3. That must be my car!

So all red Ferrari in the world is mine! I would prefer the world to work that way, but we just got to look at the car plate number, the car model, and lot of other factors.

Fact #3

We always heard of food poisoning. It usually happen to an entire family and maybe an entire school. All of them take the SAME poisoned food, but can you explain why the responds from them can be way different?

Let’s say a class of 30 students eat the same poisoned food, 5 might die, 10 need to be hospitalized, 10 have only mild syndromes while 5 don’t even feel a thing!

WHY? Isn’t all of them take the same poisoned food? The same cause? Because ‘poisoned food’ is not just the only factor! It is only one of the important factors, another important factor is the body which takes the poisoned food.

Take another example, when flu strike, most school children will be infected because the germs is everywhere. But still there are always a few students that is not infected at all! Germs is part of the reason, not the only reason.

So what went wrong with the Germs Theory?

They went wrong in the focus! They found germs in the sick people. So they think that if they can kill those germs, then can win the battle. This is called the war approach. Or the anger against anger approach.

The objective of curing is healing! Not killing!

If you observe that bacteria is in the body of the sick patient, lots of conclusions can be made and lots of  approaches can be taken. Not simply ‘get the germs out there’.

The modern medicine like to assume that the sick person is innocent. If we are sicked, it is because something else make us so – the germs (and hormones,  genes, age, cancer cells, etc). We are not responsible for that, we have nothing to do with that. We are suppose to be healthy and normal no matter what we have done to our self. We become sicked when those notorious germs come and attack us like the aliens invade the earth. And it must be played as a war game. We need to kill those bastards that come to invade our neighborhoods.

The blaming and “I am not responsible” mindset is the problem.

Well, if you take a large sample, says 10 million people and you notice that the 9 million sick people have germs in their body but the 1 million normal people don’t have, you can also make a conclusion that the 1 million people is actually doing something different and that’s why they don’t have germs in their body! 1 in 10 people is meaningless, but 1 in 10 million is very significant.

What modern medicine shall be doing is to observe and research on this 1 million people and see WHY given the same situation, given the same bacteria, given the same food, they are not infected! And then teach those 9 million sick people to do what the 1 million is doing (or not doing).

Why some nurse who come close to SARS patient got infected while some don’t? Why the 2 roommates who share the very same room and got bitten by lots of mosquitoes, 1 got dengue and the other got nothing?

Example – The discovery of High Growth Hormones (HGH)  and the conclusions they made.

Scientists and experts do a lot of research on HGH and notice that when people get old, their brain no longer release this hormone and that’s why they are aging. So they thought they found the way to stop people from growing old! How? By consuming HGH!

It looks fantastic on the surface but this again demonstrates the “blaming” and “I am not responsible” mindset.

They blame the lack of HGH for making them old. So to solve that, they inject HGH into their body.

What should modern medicine be doing instead?

If they observe that people who get old no longer produce HGH, they should look at why there are so many people who are 80 and 90 and are still producing a lot of HGH and see what they are doing differently! Why those 1 million in the 10 million still producing HGH in their body while the 9 million is not? Find the reason and teach that 9 million people to do what the 1 million is doing (or not doing)!

The conclusion that “old people will stop producing HGH” is very misleading because there are many old people that are still producing it. The same goes to the conclusion that “germs causes diseases” because there are many people who just aren’t infected in the same environment by the same bacteria.

To put it one step further. If we are to inject flu germs directly into the body of 2 persons, 1 might get sick while the other might be totally normal. If you then check their blood, it is true that the one that is sicked has loads of germs in his body and the other one has none. Can you make a conclusion from this case and say, “bacteria causes disease”? Do you think that will be correct?

[Tips: Do you know that if you have taken HGH, you are not allowed to donate blood? Do you know that you are not allowed to take HGH if you are pregnant because it can affect your child? Do you know that HGH is a banned drugs for sports? You should ask yourself why such a good thing cannot be taken for the above situations.]

Story – The most famous doctor in my neighborhood

When I was a small kid before I went to school, there came the first doctor to my neighborhood. He is so famous and popular that they named the entire garden under his name! He seems to have the power to heal anyone very quickly. What is his secret? He will give you lots of antibiotics and drugs to eat anytime you go to see him.

With his healing philosophy, do you know what happen to him today? He is still a doctor and is still sitting in his same old clinic 30 years later and he is still very famous and popular. But now he double his size and he has got himself high blood pressure and diabetes. He tells his patient, “It is normal for old people to get this and that. See I also have it. Don’t worry.” His patients like his answer.

AhYap: The most abnormal thing human do is to assume abnormal as normal!

Human psychology is interesting and funny. For human -

- It’s normal when a lot of people is doing the same thing.
- It’s normal when a lot of people is believing in the same thing.
- It’s normal when it is happening to a lot of people.

The term of this psychology phenomenon is called “references”. People are usually confuse most of the time when they live on this earth. They don’t know where they come from. They don’t know where they are going after they die. And they don’t know what are they suppose to do when they are living!

In order not to get confuse, they look at people around them and see what they are thinking and doing and they follow them. Normal becomes a number game where majority wins.

But we can’t treat abnormal as normal just because everyone else is doing that, just because it is happening to everyone else.

Today, 9 out of 10 Chinese kids in Malaysia are wearing spectacles! The parents think it is normal since their classmates are wearing spectacles too. But in our parents generation, it is quite rare for them to wear spectacles! Even Indian and Malay kids are rare to found wearing spectacles.

If modern medicine observes this, they will use the ‘blaming’ mindset again and blame the genes! What genes? Chinese Genes! Because they observe that the Malay and Indian genes are OK.

But if it is genes, why our parents and grand parents are not wearing them?

Now 1 out of 3 people will have cancer. Almost everyone will have either one (or many) of these in their life time – high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, stones, etc. Shall we feel comfortable with this just because everyone around you is the same as you? Shall we lie to our self and treat this abnormalities as normal?

What crisis is more severe than the “Financial Crisis?” The “Health Crisis”!

Fast forward 20 years from now, if the modern medicine refuse to have a big changes to their mindset, what will happen today to the world economies – the financial crisis, will happen to the world humanity, as the health crisis.

They have many similarities. They are both caused by the people that we believe as smart, as intelligent. The people that we call experts. In the financial crisis, we trusted the Stamford and Harvard MBAs who work in the big banks and financial institutions who think they can calculate anything. They screw up.

Now the smart people in the health industry – the doctors, the researches, the drugs companies, the hospital, the Universities, etc. are going to create the most severe “health crisis’ in our civilization.

When you are stupid, the most harm you can do might be to steal your father’s gun and kill 17 people in your classroom and then shoot yourself. Even the smart terrorist can only blown up 2 towers in the US killing over 5,000 people with 2 planes.

What can all the smart people in the entire modern medicine industry can do to the world if they continue what they do now?!

Its is more scary than a nuclear warfare. It will be like many nuclear bombs drop all over the world. So many people suffering and dying. Everyone has cancer, everyone has diabetes, everyone has heart attack.

50 years ago, cancer is not even in the top 10 causes of death. Now it is #1. Just because 99% of people will die of cancer 20 years from now, it doesn’t make any sense to say that it is normal because it is happening to everyone. Modern medicine should look back 50 years ago and see why they are not getting cancer instead of blaming the cancer cells for everything and declare a war on them!

Heart attack that is far up in the chart 50 years ago is now #2 killing cause. Why? Because human are suppose to die of cancer? People are suppose to die of hearth attack because these are the normal way to die?

[Skeptics and critics, there is no point for you to pull out statistics and tell me actually heart attack is not #2 but #4 or cancer is not #1 but #2. What can you get from that?]

The theories we are having now no longer serve us. Why need lots of facts and proves, a lot of researches and experiments that can’t deliver any results that we want?

Do you prefer loads of chart and figures that don’t create results you want or your prefer a method that has not much proves, under-researched but is giving you the results you want? Which theories you want to believe in?

Cancer statistics using modern medicine therapy is simple. 5 out of 10 who undergo the treatment (chemotherapy, operation removal, etc.) will die within 5 years. That’s less than 50% survival. The statistic is also biased because if one die in the 1st day of his 6th year, he is still consider a survivor. The statistic will not be updated after tracking the patient for 5 years.

People who choose not to undergo modern therapy shows significant better results. Nope, we don’t have amazing laboratories to do experiment. We don’t have loads of charts and figures and scientific terms to show you. But many of those who undergo natural healing therapy actually live 10, 20 or 30 years more! All you need to do is to find their stories in Google! There are just too many of them.

Modern medicine should do a lot of research on them and see what they are doing differently then others and learn from them! And then they should teach other cancer patients to do what they do!

[Unfortunately, this is difficult for them because natural therapy is simple, easy and cheap. They have complicated minds and they need to make things complicated before they can be happy. And most important they can’t charge you expensive medical bills for simple therapy. That’s why they have to invent complicated treatment for you so they can charge you more.]

If modern medicine is not ignorant and willing to look and listen. They will definitely notice the same pattern among the survivals, their method is  always to change their lifestyle. Keyword – lifestyle. They change what they eat, how they live and how to think.

If you continue to do the same thing, you will get the same results. If modern medicine continue to do the same thing, they will get the same failures.

AhYap favorite’s quote, “If you do what others people do, you will get what others people get. They are poor, unhealthy and unhappy.”

Obama’s favorite quote, “Change we need!”

We need better theories. I don’t invent these theories, they are already out there for a long time. It is just the ignorant that is trying to ignore it.

Better Theory #1 – Germs don’t cause diseases, your lifestyle does.

Germs in just part of the equation. In order for germs to stay in a body, the body must be a suitable medium for their survival. They are just living organism like us. They need food and protection (predators). It is very difficult for us to live in Antarctica because it is too cold and it doesn’t have much food. All living organism has their preferences of survival. For example, fish need to live in water. Germs has their own preferences too.

If our blood has plenty of food for them and our immune system is weak, they will love to come and live there! There are too many toxin in our blood that serve as their food which also cause our immune system to be weak.

Think! If there is no food, how do this organism survive? If there are plenty of active white blood cells in your blood (their predators), how can they survive? If they can think, they won’t even want to get near you!

Germs is natural to us! Germs is normal! They have natural flow. They live in places that they can live in. And you can always found them in places suitable for their living. Just like we have people in almost all lands on earth. Just like we have fish in almost all water ponds. Just like grass and trees will simply grow back up again after you demolish them.

Better Theory #2 – Cancer is not a disease! It is a healing mechanism!

A long post has been written on this. This is an important post to read. When the toxin level in our body reach a critical level that our body couldn’t tolerate anymore, our body enter a ‘red alert’ situation and send out cancer cells (the Ramboos, the Ninjas, the Heroes) to control the situation.

Killing them will only make the body send more of them. The solution is to treat the root cause. What have you done to the body until it has to send out an army to work for you? Once you undo what you do, your body will order the cancer cells to retire.

Better Theory #3 – High cholesterol in your blood is a protection mechanism. Cholesterol is created by the body, they are not consumed via food!

High cholesterol is the cause of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and other blood vessel relate diseases. Because cholesterol jam the blood vessel, blood has to flow harder and thus result in high blood pressure (too much blood in too little space), heart attack (heart work too hard until it failed) and stroke (blood vessel exploded!).

Modern medicine observed this, which is true (partially true) just like how they observe the germs in sick patients, how they observe the cancer cells multiplying fast. Their approach is to use medicine to control the high blood pressure and to ask patients to consume food without cholesterol.

Does it work? Yes, in the short term. But the drugs and medicine used will cause kidney failure in the end because the drugs themselves are poison too. You solve one problem by creating another bigger one. You declare war on the wrong subject – cholesterol. You use the blaming approach and blame the cholesterol. You use ‘war approach’ to cholesterol.

[We should call these drugs 'cancer' instead because they are really destroying us]

Modern medicine believes that cholesterol is digested via food. Again you see how experiment can give wrong observations (more politely, incomplete observations) and then make wrong conclusions (more politely, inaccurate conclusions) and wrong approaches (more politely, inappropriate approaches).

They observe all high blood pressure patients and notice that most of them consume a lot of high cholesterol food. So it is logical for them to assume that they have consumed the cholesterol via food.

There is an interesting case in isolation. In their effort to fight cholesterol, they encounter a case where an entire family is in critical cholesterol level and is chosen to be the experiment target. For several years, researchers have done a lot to them including putting them to Zero-Cholestrol food. And yet, their body is still showing a high level of cholesterol.

They scratched their head helplessly. And they use their best blaming victim again, “It’s genetic!” Poor Mr Genes getting blame again and again for anything the modern medicine fail to tackle.

One day, a guy came in and say to the researches, “Since you can’t do anything for several years, why not lend me your patients for 3 months and see what I can do?”

They agreed, since they want this guy to feel ashamed of himself. If their team of smart intelligent researches can’t do a shit on this in several years, how can this man does something in 3 months? [Just like why some  people think AhYap is a sohai because he thinks he can influence people and affect modern medicine by writing blog posts. And critic me again and again.]

This man, brings the cholesterol level of the ENTIRE family down to normal level in less than 3 months. All the experts couldn’t believe it and is showing their BIG round eyes and BIG mouth opened.

He is not trying to show off, he is trying to show the world the right observations, the right conclusion and the right approach. Just like what I am doing with my blog post. There is nothing to show off. It is not ignorant writing, and it is not that I don’t care! It is because I care too much and I have great pain seeing people suffering. I understand that my tone of writing might not be suitable but those will be changed to softer tones (I need some time).

The man explained, “Cholesterol can be created by the body anytime the body needs it!“. But hey, isn’t cholesterol a bad thing? It looks like a bad thing because you see it as the cause of high blood pressure and heart attack. But it exist for the simple reason! It protects your blood vessel from corroding!

Again all theories above come from the same school of thought. Your blood toxic and acidity level grow so high that it can actually corrode your blood vessel! If that happen, you will die! And in order to protect you, your intelligent healing mechanism of your body actually creates cholesterol and stick them around your blood vessel to protect them from the acidic blood!

Slowly, it cause unpleasant symptoms like high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke that you hate. But hey man, do you see the reason why it exist in the first place? Do you understand now why the genetically-high-cholesterol family can’t get their blood pressure down even with cholesterol-free food? And why the genes really has nothing wrong? [Actually can you see that not only the genes has nothing wrong, it is actually performing its work pretty well by creating cholesterol in your body?]

If your blood is not toxic and acidic, even if you consume cholesterol, it will be eliminate by the body quickly because your body doesn’t need it!

Now you see how Germs, Cancer and Vessel-Related disease can be linked together easily with the same school of thought while modern medicine try to look at all of them as isolation, as random, as genetically based, as war, as invaders…

Theory #4 – You have pimples not because your hormone has problem. You have dandruff not because your scalp got problem.

Grown up teenagers will suddenly have a lot of pimples and acne on their face. Modern medicine says it is due to the change of hormone. Mr Hormone, you are another poor victim of modern medicine after Mr Genes.


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