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2009 is a confusing year for me. A lot of weird funny thoughts spark through my brain that might eventually make me crazy because of “Thinking Too Much”. Luckily I just notice that the mental hospital is just 4km away from my house.

The Vegetarian Shop

You know, Buddhism teach us not to kill any living beings, including the chicken you eat. Last time I thought that vegetarian shops are doing a great deed because they ask us to eat vegetables so we don’t need to kill animals.At first glance, it looks like a good deed. But when I look deeper, I notice that YES, they don’t kill animals anymore. BUT, they are now upgrade they “bad deed” by killing human beings! The so-called healthy vegetarian food they cooked are mostly junk food/toxins. They are mostly deep fried and oily. I can’t even see how it can be termed as ‘healthy’. And I think killing human is WORST than killing animals. Making people sicked are a bigger sin than eating meat!

The Monk and the Butcher

A monk and a butcher are roommates (haha). They stay together as best friends. Everyday if the monk wake up earlier than the butcher, he will wake up the butcher so he can go to work. If the butcher wake up earlier than the monk, he will wake up the monk instead. So time flies and one day both of them are dead. The monk is sent to HELL while the butcher is sent to HEAVEN. Why?

Because the monk wake up the butcher to go for KILLING everyday (bad deed) while the butcher wake up the monk to PRAY everyday (good deed)

Emperor Qin Shi Huang

Almost everyone wants to kill Emperor Qin because he is a brutal leader. They call him the ‘bad’ guy. Tony Leung Chiu Wai, who play the top assassin in the movie Hero, break through all the defense barrier of Emperor Qin until the final (like Lee Chong Wei playing badminton entering final with Lin Dan), placing his “parang knife” (it is really a parang if you watch the movie) on the neck of Emperor Qin. He can just chop his head down like a coconut but at that moment, he got some realization. He didn’t kill him and left. He said, “One shouldn’t kill Emperor Qin”. (I hope Lee Chong Wei won’t say “One shouldn’t beat Lin Dan”)

Why? He might be a “bad” guy but he united the whole China under him and ended the war and ends the people suffering of the long war. If Qin is killed, people will need to suffer in war again.

“Mongolia” Najib?

No one, for sure know if Najib is really the killer of the Mongolia girl (did you see it yourself?) If indeed it is really him, then you need to respect him that he can be so good on ‘cleaning his mouth’  even sharks like Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim can’t do a thing to proof it. I also know how to blind-talk (I always do in my blog), just attacking people with no proof is boring.

Najib is on the right path of liberalizing Malaysia, and if he keeps doing it and at a faster pace, I am sure I have no problem voting him on the next election. I am simply tired of seeing Malaysia monkey show where politicians are crazy for their power. I don’t want Malaysia to end up like our neighbors – Thailand, Philliphine and Indonesia.

Human deserve “Freedom” and “Democrazy”?

We all want freedom. But think about it, if everyone has freedom, then we really don’t have any freedom! If everyone can do what they want to do, how on earth can you feel safe! If you let your kids to decide if they want to go to school, all of them will say NO. And school can close shop without H1N1. If you ask the adult if they want to work, all of them will say NO too. If you ask the people if government should pay every citizen RM5,000 monthly, all of them will say YES. “Freedom” on highway with no speed limit? You dare to use the highway anymore?

And you think democrazy is right for everyone, right for every country? Look at Thailand, look at Philippines. Too much freedom and  too democracy are crazy. Something that work in a country might not work well in another.You can’t give freedom to everyone. No freedom = prison. Too much freedom = crazy. We can only give half freedom.

No Casino, No Alcohol, No Pork?!

This is not a sensitive issue, I am just giving examples. You see, I don’t go to casino, I don’t go to pubs, to discos.  I don’t drink alcohol and I seldom eat pork either. I even seldom eat chicken and beef! So I am 5 times more extreme than Muslim! Is it good to shut down casinos, pubs, disco, ban gambling and alcohol and eating of pork? Of course I fully support it 100% because it won’t affect me at all.

But what is the problem? The problem is that we as human LIKE to put our values onto other people. We like to FORCE our values into other people. Which you might not sense anything “wrong” because you think you are doing the “right” thing. As I have written in a long post why the world can never be perfect, something that is right to you is always wrong to somebody.

If today there is a religion who worship god with alcohol and pork (there are many!) and they are the majority in our country while Muslim is a minority,  think how it feels when they FORCE their values to you, to tell you the correct way to worship god is by using alcohol and pork? To tell you that what you believe in now is “wrong”? What if there is a religion who think COW is sacred and cannot be killed (there are many!) and INFORCE rules in the country where we can’t slaughter cow because it is “wrong”? Then what do you do in Hari Korban?

More interesting is what if the religion who thinks killing anything is “wrong”, forbid you to kill everything in the country? No more turkey on Christmas?

Trying to Change People or Not To?

If we think something is “right”, should we convince people on it and make people think the way we think? If we think something is “wrong”, should we tell other people? This is an important question for everyone to ask themselves. It is also the the biggest challenge to religions. Should I tell everyone that cancer is not a disease? Should I tell everyone that doctors are liars?

When I blog, I am LOUD and BOLD. But if  I see you in person, I rarely rarely rarely rarely will talk about this. I don’t even talk much to my parents about this nowadays. Because this thing will just make you an “unfriendly creature”.

My point of guidance is simple (that I learn from reading newspaper! ahh, sometimes “Newspaper is better than AhYap.com”), you can try to change people, but you need to make sure you don’t piss people off! If you are sensing anger out of the fella, you better stop (including your mum!). Let them stay the way they wants. Don’t make people angry and unhappy.

There is also no need to get angry when something you expected happen. “See, ask you not to drive so fast, now accident already lor”. “See, ask you not to eat KFC so much, now got cancer already lor”… People, no matter they listen or not, no matter the do the “right” or the “wrong” thing will suffer all the consequences as a cause and effect. It is their path whether it is their choice or not. A guy who has lung cancer might already been enjoying smoking for 30 plus years and he may thinks the pleasure for so long  is worth it! Maybe for them to live until 100 years old without cigarettes is more suffering.

The Soldiers and The Villagers

The soldiers are chasing for the runaways villagers. They have killed almost all of them in the village, the ‘lucky’ ones managed to escape and hide in a cave nearby. The soldiers are still searching nearby. One of the baby keeps crying! He is ‘innocent’ but his crying will get everyone killed including his mum and dad! What should his mum and dad do? If you are one of the villager, what do you do? If you are one of the villager and your wife and you mum and your dad and your 12 kids and your 108 year-old grandma and your mother-in-law  is with you, WHAT DO YOU DO? To kill the baby, or not to kill the baby? 1 dies or 30 die? Or we have no right to kill no matter what, even we will be killed?

If You Kill Yourself And You Will Save Another Man’s Life ….

If there is a gun and you point it to your head and pull the trigger and you can save a stranger life, will you do it? What if it is your mum, or your kids? What if it is not 1 stranger but 10 strangers? What if it is 100 strangers? 1,000? 1 million?!

Will You Eat A Cockroach?

People in “fear factor” eat a lot of cockroaches. But will you do that? Some people eat cockroach without you asking because they say it tastes good! What if I pay you RM10 to eat a cockroach? You might not be interested but the beggar might do it, for him eating cockroach is nothing but RM10 is a big thing. What if it is RM100? RM1,000? RM1 million? I WILL EAT ONE and I don’t know about you. Every value has a price!

Gone Baby Gone

A baby has a fucked up mum who is a drug addict. The baby doesn’t have a father (I think the mum don’t even know who is her father). Then someone came to “steal” the baby and give the baby a good and happy life like other kids with a “father” and a “mother” and a “loving house”. If you know about this stealing, what do you do? To inform the police so the baby can get back to her mum? Or to pretend that you see nothing? Morally it is “wrong” to steal. But is it morally “right” to send the baby back to hell?

To Report Police or Not To?

If your house is broken in and you lose your laptop, you LCD TV, your Japan AV DVDsand your RM10,000 Poh Kong jeweleries, should you report to the police (assume you don’t have any insurance and you don’t need to claim one)?

I did report (Disclaimer: I didn’t lose any AV DVDs). What happened next was a bunch of policemen came to your house and me your house like a big crime scene. They then tell you that this is very common and it happens twice everyday in the neighborhood. Then an “investigator” sprayed a lot of black powder onto your cupboard to get finger prints. Then they left, like they are very pro.

Go to police station, take time. Wait for them to come, take time. Wait for them to ‘do’ their ‘pro’ work, take time. Clear up the mess (and the black powder) after they left, take more time… After 7 fucking years, nothing recovered.

My notebook got stolen due to my sohainess on leaving my notebook in my car in KL 100m away from the police station. Since the police station is so near, I went to report. First thing, they scolded us and say we were “bising” (noisy). Then I have to wait a long time before it is my turn (2 officers working, only 1 person reporting). He took my report like I had nothing better to do but was there to waste his time. The wall at his back was “MESRA, CEPAT DAN BETUL”. Puiiii Puii Puiiiii. Mesra my donkey cock.

He then asked me to come back to collect the report next day! Come back? I said I have a seminar tomorrow that I paid thousands for and they say I have to skip the seminar to come back for the report sharply at 9am in the morning. Come back your head lar, come back!

Let say you sell gold and your gold shop is robbed. When they recover the jeweleries, they won’t give it back to you! They will keep it as ‘evidence’ until the court case is over (take years). And then how much gold is really recovered and how much is given back to you is another question.

If you shop is being robbed and you have CCTV installed, prepare to buy a new set because they will take your CCTV away and give you back after the court case (but there are no court case because they don’t  manage to catch the thieves!). So your property become Bukit Aman property.

If you have a car accident and your car is in the police station, haha, you either be smart enough to know how to get your car back quick or you may want to wait for some documentation work that never seems to be able to finish.

Even if they recover my notebook on search, do you think they will try to find me and give it back to me? A lot of pirated DVDs, notebooks, firecrackers and even drugs are items being “resold”. And guess where is the source.

You Don’t Feel Like Going Out With Someone

If you don’t feel like going out with someone, do you say, “Hey I don’t like to go out with you” or do you say, “I got something to do today”. But actually you have nothing to do the whole day!

“Your Baby Is So Cute!”

Do you say “Your baby is so cute!” or do you say “Your baby look like a lizard?” when indeed it look like a lizard?

When You Are Claiming Warranty

“Was it strike by thunder?”
“No ar, I don’t think so. I always unplug the wire one wor. ”

“Did you wet it?”
“No ar, this morning trying to turn it on already like this.”

“Did you drop it on the floor?”
“No ar! I open the box it is already like this.”

Should We Abolish ISA?

Hahahahahha. Hahahahahha. Knife can be used to cut apple and knife can be used to kill people. And if a thieve enter your house and want to rape your wife and your daughter, do you still use your knife just to cut apple? Do you think our country is free of troublemakers and our people are mature enough?

If A Plane Crashed And There Is Only One Survivor…

Is that a ‘good’ news or a ‘bad’ news? It is a ‘good’ news if you compare it with “no survivors”. It is a ‘bad’ news if you compare it with “no planecrash”.

The Death of Michael Jackson

Is it an “accident”? Or is it a “pattern”? Should you be surprised or should you not? 8 drugs, multiple operations, extreme life stress …

What If You Are Not “You”?

You always think you are you. You think the voice in your head is you thinking. WHAT IF, the voice is not you? The voice that you think is you is actually a disease? Like HIV? That come and attack you and take over you? The voice seems to know nothing, it doesn’t control our heart beat, it doesn’t control our digestion, sometimes the voice couldn’t even ask us to wake up in the morning. Is the voice really the owner of the ‘body’? And where do the voice go when we fall asleep? If the voice is you, why can’t you make it stop? And if you make it stop, who make it stop? Another “You”? And I suppose all human is the same  in the deeper level (we eat food, breath oxygen, have DNAs…) but why some voices are “English”, some voices are “French” and some voices are “Japanese”?

The Car Seller and The Coffin Seller

Is it “right” or “wrong” for the car seller to hope that people get richer? Is it right or wrong for the coffin seller to hope more people die everyday? Is it right or wrong for the doctor to hope more people get sicked?

They Ate The Corpses!

True story 37 years ago. Plane crashed in the moutain full of ice in Andes. Half of them died instantly. No food, no rescuers, and si-beh cold (si-beh = very). The only chances of survival is to eat “meat”. What meat? The meat of the guy sitting next to you before the plane crashed! And ‘luckily’ the weather is so cold that it becomes a natural fridge to the “meat” to keep their “freshness”.

If you decide to eat, you will surely start with a stranger. What if there are no more strangers? If you have a dead family member, do you allow others to .. (i can’t even type the word)… it? Is it “right” or “wrong” to eat corpses to survive? If it is wrong then why do we eat chicken corpses, cow corpses and pig corpses? If it is right then why you don’t you let people e.. your wife? (yucks) You have to imagine that you are si-beh cold and si-beh hungry in the middle of the mountain for several days. You may not want to eat, but what if you have kids with you that are si-beh cold and si-beh hungry? How do you decide for them?

They are rescued 72 days later and many live until today. Story here.

Titanic and The Safe Boats

If a safe boat can only takes 30 people and you already have 50 on it and then there are 1,000 people more in the freezing sea trying to climb up to your boat, what do you do? Whacked everyone who try to climb up the boat? What if the one who try to climb up is your husband? Whacked him too? Or whack the one trying to whack him? What if you are in the water? Are you going to try to climb up the boat too (and being whacked) or will you say, “Let me die here so I won’t sink their boat. It is not ‘that’ cold anywhere.”  When you are in deep pain, when you are struggling deeply, can you still think? Or maybe you will try to bribe the boat to let you in?

Sent Him To The Police Station?

If you catch a thieve, will you send him to the police or let him go? The theive recognize your face (and your wife, your daughter and your baby). He knows where you live and tell you that, one day he is going to come back to you. If you are heroism where everything must be ‘white white white’ type of guy, you will send him to the police. But what after that? Will you be wondering is you house still safe? Is he coming back? Why your wife haven’t come back yet …

If You Eat The Pig… If You Slaugther a Cow…

If you are a muslim and there is no food for days but only pork, and you have wife and kids with you, do you eat? Do you let your kids eat? If you are a Hinduism and a cow is the only food you have for the entire village, do you slaughter it? If you are a Buddishm who can’t kill and there is a lion chasing after a group of shool kids, can you kill the lion?

What Happens At The End?

At the end, life is so fucking challenging. We all seems to be so confuse in this world and we have to make all sort of decisions everyday that we don’t know if it is right or wrong. And then some more somehow, someone will come to your blog, read your post and get so pissed off that he wrote this comment to you

your web suck fuck cibai lancau teo your mother. your mother whole family are prostitue gigolo. cibai u what the fuck you do. hamkaling think u so geng a cibai. hamkachan teo your mama really a prostitue many people teo wan. you are not your father children la cibai !!!!!!!!!! fuck you bitch

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I know I am “wrong” but I still want to give him ..l..

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