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Because it takes so many weeks to climb up but takes only 1 or 2 weeks to crash like SHIT. I really means SHIT. :)

Look at the 1 year chart of Dow Jones Industrial Index. It takes a full year to climb up steadily but takes 2 weeks to crash like SHIT.

Dow Jones Industrial Fall Like Shit

So, you still buy mutual fund from your ‘bankers’? LOL. If you want to know why the stock market (the whole world incluidng KLSE) will crash like SHIT and why your EPF will no longer be able to give you decent returns, read the book PROPHECY by Robery Kiyosaki.

Then why I still like the stock market when it crash like SHIT? Short Term, you can make fast money by trading PUT options. Long Term, it gives you the opputunities to grab stocks at bargain. I am sorry to say that this opputunity doesn’t benefit mutual fund and EPF holders. Because mutual fund and EPF can only make money when market is going up.

今天去PATHLAB验血。小姐为我介绍了很多不同的pakcage。她讲下讲下竟然跟我说,“这个package我们会送鼻癌给你!” 意思是说这个package有免费检验鼻癌。

我听了一次觉得很好笑,然后她又重复讲了几次。我想啊,幸好这个pakcage只是送鼻癌,不然可能她会说,“这个package我们会送爱滋病给你,还会送鼻癌,大肠癌,肺癌给你,而且还有Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E… 统统都有!”


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