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Every Sunday on Sin Chew paper we have FREE consultation on financial planning by “experts”. The Ah Beng and Ah Lian will ask questions like “I am working as XX and making YY and I am saving ZZ … I have 3 wives and 23 kids … can I retire at age 40?” And the “expert” will try to answer his question.

Almost all the time, these are not good advices. Sorry to hantam you again, Mr Newspaper.

These so-called “financial planner” always use one and only one solution in financial planning. They approach is for you to save X amount of money while you are working and then after you retire, you will start to consume your savings until you die!

This is a very dangerous approach because even Sultan or Mahathir don’t know when they are going to die! It can be 1 day after you retire, or it can be 50 years!!!

So how do you predict and plan for that? If you assume you die at 90 and save enough money to be spent until 90. What if you are still alive after 90?

There is no flexibility. 2 outcomes always happen.

Outcome #1 – The retiree finish his savings long before his planned “dying” age. Most people finish their EPF within the first 3 years! So they either need to work again or expect their children to feed them.

Outcome #2 – The retiree is too afraid to spend and save too much, living in a very frugal way trying to keep as much money as possible in the bank for the future. Future for them is very uncertain and they always need to “save for the rainy days”. But isn’t it the reason you work so hard in your life is to enjoy life after you retire? How do you enjoy life when you are afraid to spend, when you are still worry about the “future”?

Both outcomes are undesirable. Unfortunately, this is what the financial planner “plans” for you. Or should I say, “set you up!”

No matter which group you are in, both are very suffering outcomes. The reason you will fall into group is because of your life-long habits.

Habit #1 – If a guy makes a lot of money and contributes to EPF, his EPF will be very fat at the end of his retirement. And since he knows he is “fat” by then, he usually spend a lot of his money on his Tag Heur and Armani. A person who has a habit of spending a lot of money in his life won’t change in 1 day. He is expected to finish his EPF in a short few years even they are meant to be used for 30 years!

Habit #2 – If a guy live frugally for his working life to save a lot of money, it becomes a habit too and when you give him a lot of money to use, he is still fearful to use and spend them. It has been a habit trained for a few decades.

So what is the solution?!

That’s why, if you really plan to retire. Everyone must read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Cashflow Quadrant”, both by Robert Kiyosaki. Don’t read newspaper! How much can you learn from short articles that was taken somewhere here and somewhere there by the reporter? All they want to do is to fill up the newspaper with contents and they have to do it every fucking day. How do you have so much great contents every day? Contents that are great retain their value everyday. But in the newspaper business, you can’t publish the same content everyday or else who wants to buy your paper?

So read more good books, not newspaper. People are reading Bible and Al-Quran for more than 1 thousand years. Do bible and Al-Quran need to change everyday?

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Cashflow Quadrant” are the 2 books that you must must must must must must must must read if you want to have a good retirement. If you find it very hard to read 2 books, God bless you. I have seen many of my Uni friends that can study so hard and read so many boring college books for exam but can’t find the energy and interest to read 2 simple books that read like story books. What a shame!

Don’t borrow the book, BUY IT! Only when you buy it, you will really consider reading it. And try to be very excited about it. I suggest you to drive to MidValley or KLCC and do nothing else but just to buy the book and immediately go home to read it. With that effort invested, your mind know you are really serious and you will be able to get great results from it. [Don’t buy 2 books together, read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” first. Then drive again to buy the other book after you finish. So your mind know you are really serious]

“But you haven’t tell me the answer!”. Yes, I heard you.

The correct way for normal working people on retirement is, you don’t try to save a chunk of money that you plan for consumption when you retire. That means you don’t calculate stuff like I need 3k a month after I retire and that means I need 3k x 12 months x 30 years =~ RM1 million sitting in my bank account when I retire. So after that I can take out 3k every month from the bank account to use.

I am not saying that you can’t save that much of money. Actually you easily do so! But the problem is not on “you can’t save that amount of money”. The problem is that the plan won’t work easily after you have that 1 million sitting in the bank on the day you retire.

Why? Because as I have said earlier, people either overspent and finish them in a few years. Or they simply are too afraid to spend over worry about the future.

The problem is people get very confused when they retire. For their whole life when they are working, they are receiving salary from their job every month. They know even they finish their money this month, they will still have the money next month. So this allows them to live for a few decades without any problem.

But once they retire and is given a large chunk of money, the whole concept of financial and money changed! Now they no longer need to work. But that also means now they no longer have salary coming each month. Now what they have is RM1 million in the bank account. Do they know how to go forward from here?

If you are in this situation, do you know? If you wants to travel, how much you are willing to spend on travel? If you want a lot of Louis Vuitton, how much LV you can buy? If you need another wife from China, do you know if you can afford it? If you want to donate money, how much money you can donate before you need donation from someone else?

The consequences of all these is either – you overspend or your under-spend.

All of these happens because you (and the newspaper “expert”) focus on the wrong thing.

Newspaper way of financial planning is BULLSHIT.

To retire, you don’t focus on CASH. You don’t focus on that 1 million or 10 million in your bank account.

To retire, you focus on CASHFLOW. How much money you can receive each month when you are not working!

If when you retire, you own 4 fully paid off properties that will pay you 3k per month, you are well taken care of no matter how long you live! You can spend all your money with your new China wife or Vietnam wife or you can donate all your money to charity every month without worrying about yourself.

Because like old time, you know, next month, you have new money coming in. And better still, you won’t be fired because you don’t have a job! This is call “passive income”.

Isn’t this so much simpler than trying to predict how much to save and how long you will live? Isn’t this much more simpler than having to budget how much you can spend each month, how much you can donate, and what “grade” of China wife you can afford?

Your goal of retirement is to build passive CASHFLOW, not CASH.

For working adults, the most easy path is through rental properties.

That means, you are buying properties with the plan to rent it and not to sell it. And in your working life, you accumulate these rental properties and build up your cashflow.

For example, if you own 5 apartments in KL when you retire and the rental you collect is 4k, basically you are financially free for you entire life! This is very different than having a few millions in your bank account because you really don’t need to budget much and you can spend everything you have every month. Even if you can’t rent out 2 apartments, you are still covered by 3. Unless tsunami wiped off KL or you like to visit Genting Highlands, your financial is well taken care of. Plus rental income can keep up with inflation so your income will increase for years to come.

If you don’t want to own properties directly, you can own them indirectly through buying REITs. REITs are listed stocks in the stock market which their main business is to own properties and get rental income from it, then they will distribute the rental income it to its shareholders. There are many advantage and disadvantage of REITs but it is really a great tool for working adults. The best is you can start with very little money since REITs are mostly RM1 or RM2 stocks.

I will write more about REIT in another post. But to give you a quick example, say AXREIT (best REIT listed in Malaysia so far) is around RM2 and they pay dividend quarterly. One year you are likely to receive 16 cents after tax as dividend and that would means a 8% yield. If you have RM1 million invested on it, you can expect to receive RM80k per year (or RM20k payment per quarter to be exact).

More elaboration later but the main idea is with RM80k per year passive cashflow, it makes your life much more easier than having a big chunk of money in your bank account that you need to decide how much to be taken out for consumption. You don’t have budgeting problem anymore.

At last…

These are very simple concepts. Most people can grasp it at once. But some people find it very hard to understand. And unfortunately, it is true that for people who can’t “get it” at once, usually they will need a lot of time to understand it. And since they usually don’t invest that extra time, they will have no choice but to screw up later.

If you are that person, my question to you is, “Do you prefer to screw up when you retire, or you prefer to spend some hard time and effort to understand the concept of cashflow?”

It’s your choice. If you have read this article, that means GOD has somewhere somehow given you a choice in your life. [GOD can’t show you his face and talk to your directly… he use many ways to tell you things…]

If you still screw up, please don’t blame GOD or anyone. It is you who have decided to give up. You’ve make a choice today.

Remember the phase I have repeated 4 times in my last post?

We live in a complicated world and it is when we try to simplify things that we make a lot of mistakes.

Sirian wrote this as a comment on his view about calcium and milk.

Well just thought I’d point out that your ability to uptake calcium is dependant on vitamin D which the body produces in its skin when exposed to sunlight. The countries with less sunlight have a higher osteoporosis level because of this not because of the calcium.

Another thing is that the study was skewed by age. People in the high calcium uptake areas have a much higher life expectancy. Old people get osteoporosis because they’re old and do not put much strain on they’re bones. Not because they drink milk.

If drinking milk reduced the calcium in your bones then why does it only seem to affect such a small portion of the population and why only when they’re over 70 years old. I know people who don’t drink anything other than milk and water. Surely they should be dead by now or have bones so week that they break constantly.

Finally as for the acidity in the blood any food, and I really do mean any food, that we eat and can digest is broken down into acids. That’s how our bodies transport fats and proteins. So erm I guess your saying eating is bad for you. Also just to add to this point if you drink semi skimmed or skimmed milk then that will have most of the fatty acids removed.

Finally just incase you were still unconvinced that this was all nonsense. you could test the urine for the calcium containing compounds that would be produced and guess what. There aren’t any. This is unfortunately one of those myths that crept up because of misinterpreted data.

His view sum up almost everything, not just about calcium and milk, but about the fact that “We live in a complicated world and it is when we try to simplify things that we make a lot of mistakes.”

Is it really protein that cause cancer?

Is it true that by adding Omega 3 to babies milk we are able to make our children smarter?

Is it true that eating seafood will increase your cholesterol?

Is it true that oily food are bad for health?

In this world, things are very complicated. But what scientist like to do (what our “brain” like to do), is to simplify things (solving problem). We like to think that the world is a simple as 1 cause to 1 effect.

For example, a scientist who discover about fiber will like to claim that fiber is able to solve all our health problems. 1 cause (fiber) create 1 effect (health).

The same goes to the protein expert, who claim that 1 cause (protein) create 1 effect (cancer).

And the chi-gong master, who claim that 1 cause (chi-gong) create 1 effect (health).

And the list goes on, enzymes, Omega 3, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, yoga, meditation, morning walk, an apple a day …

Even in the complicated economics world, experts do the same thing – trying to nail down a single cause to a single event. For example, even Ten Teng Boo repeatedly saying that the financial crisis is caused by the collapsed of Lehman brothers. Some insist that it is cause by subprime lending. And interesting enough, many Americans like to blame it on China.

But they are all right and wrong at the same time. The world (the economy) is so complicated that how can it be possible that 1 word “Lehman” or “China” cause everything?

Everything that happens consist of multiple causes, probably billions of billion causes.

While trying to figure out that 1 billion causes is impossible, trying to nail down something to just 1 cause is also very foolish.

So if I stop eating protein my cancer will get healed?

So if I eat Vitamin C I will not get sick?

So if I stop drinking milk I will have strong bones?

So if I start to practice chi-gong or yoga I will be very healthy?


In the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, Benjamin (Brad Pitt) told a story on how Daisy was hit by a taxi and crushed her leg.

Sometimes we’re on a collision course, and we just don’t know it. Whether it’s by accident or by design, there’s not a thing we can do about it.

A woman in Paris was on her way to go shopping, but she had forgotten her coat – went back to get it. When she had gotten her coat, the phone had rung, so she’d stopped to answer it; talked for a couple of minutes.

While the woman was on the phone, Daisy was rehearsing for a performance at the Paris Opera House. And while she was rehearsing, the woman, off the phone now, had gone outside to get a taxi. Now a taxi driver had dropped off a fare earlier and had stopped to get a cup of coffee. And all the while, Daisy was rehearsing. And this cab driver, who dropped off the earlier fare; who’d stopped to get the cup of coffee, had picked up the lady who was going to shopping, and had missed getting an earlier cab.

The taxi had to stop for a man crossing the street, who had left for work five minutes later than he normally did, because he forgot to set off his alarm. While that man, late for work, was crossing the street, Daisy had finished rehearsing, and was taking a shower. And while Daisy was showering, the taxi was waiting outside a boutique for the woman to pick up a package, which hadn’t been wrapped yet, because the girl who was supposed to wrap it had broken up with her boyfriend the night before, and forgot.

When the package was wrapped, the woman, who was back in the cab, was blocked by a delivery truck, all the while Daisy was getting dressed. The delivery truck pulled away and the taxi was able to move, while Daisy, the last to be dressed, waited for one of her friends, who had broken a shoelace. While the taxi was stopped, waiting for a traffic light, Daisy and her friend came out the back of the theater.

And if only one thing had happened differently: if that shoelace hadn’t broken; or that delivery truck had moved moments earlier; or that package had been wrapped and ready, because the girl hadn’t broken up with her boyfriend; or that man had set his alarm and got up five minutes earlier; or that taxi driver hadn’t stopped for a cup of coffee; or that woman had remembered her coat, and got into an earlier cab, Daisy and her friend would’ve crossed the street, and the taxi would’ve driven by. But life being what it is – a series of intersecting lives and incidents, out of anyone’s control – that taxi did not go by, and that driver was momentarily distracted, and that taxi hit Daisy, and her leg was crushed.

[bolded by me]

This story consist of so much wisdom that reading it myself make me want to cry.

Don’t try to nail down a single cause to a single event. It is complicated. We have to accept that there are many things that we couldn’t grasp with our mind. And by “accepting”, we can be more humble, more open and more willing to see things in more ways. We can start to aspire the wonders of the universe, the wonders or every thing around us, the wonders of our body, the wonders of every cells working so well with each other.

I will never dare to say that I have gotten the answer, or I have got the “secret code” to heath. Because no matter what, I am going to miss something, which is guaranteed. And no matter what, we all are going to die. So instead of insisting we are right, I think it will be smarter if we learn to see things in more ways. And then we can decide what we want to do.

The Dragon Boat Tragedy

When something like this happen, you will see everyone blaming everyone else. Even Penang Barisan National can use it to blame Pakatan Rakyat. Then we have all sorts of comments and criticizes, “they are not suppose to … do this … do that”, “they should … do this … do that”, everyone becomes expert, they want someone to be responsible. For them, it happened because someone is “wrong”.

Student Kuah Zi Xun, who was sitting at the rear of the boat, said the rowers were doing their final lap when the boat was hit by strong waves.

The boat then rammed into a tugboat moored nearby.

"A second strong wave then hit us and our boat overturned."

"All of us were thrown into the sea and a strong undercurrent pulled all of us underwater, he said when met at the scene.

Kuah said only 12 of them, who wore life jackets, managed to swim to the surface and stayed afloat.

Some of them managed to swim some 400 metres to the shore while others were rescued by two passing fishing boats.

Three of them were admitted at the Penang Hospital for minor injuries while another was discharged after receiving outpatient treatment.

Eyewitnesses said some of the rowers had shouted for help while floating in the sea.

Devastated parents of the missing boys were seen weeping uncontrollably near the scene.

There is no single reason or cause for this tragedy but billions of them. So many things had to happen together to make it happen! A slight changes to these “conditions” will make the event totally different. Remember the story of Benjamin Button?

And if one thing had happened differently: If they practice 1 less lap and went home earlier; if the strong wave doesn’t hit them on the final lap;if the tugboat is not “waiting” there; if there is no under-current, if they are nearer to the shore  …

Sometimes we’re on a collision course, and we just don’t know it. Whether it’s by accident or by design, there’s not a thing we can do about it.

We don’t know why. No one need to be responsible for it and NO ONE CAN be responsible for it! None of the comments and critics and advices can change anything. The only thing you can do is to accept it.

I watched TV yesterday, and I am very touched by a victim’s mum. When interviewed in her son funeral, she said,

I accept… I accept… I know the world is full of uncertainties… I do learn Buddhism… I accept… I accept… He came to this world happily … and he is leaving this world happily… I accept… I accept …

It is very hard to do what she do. But she is definitely doing the right thing that is good for herself, good for her son, good for her family and good for everyone else. No blaming. No one need to be responsible. What happened is already happened. No one can change the past. I accept.

— — —

— —


First Record – 87kbps! Look a where the needle is pointing.

Second Record – 1-300-88-9515 keep on repeating

“Semua pelanggan perkhidmatan kami masih sibuk, kami akan melayani anda secepat mungkin.”

Welcome to Boleh Land!

The Following Story is Fictional and Does Not Depict Any Actual Person or Event

There is a political party known as “Make Chinese Angry” (MCA in short).

The party was broken into 2 forces lead by Kong (president) and Chuah (deputy president).

Kong didn’t like Chuah (because Chuah is 60 but still got a young chick?)

Kong kept Chuah at sideline even he is officially voted as the deputy president.

Chuah was not assigned any minister post in cabinet.

Chuah felt like a bangla working in a toilet in AEON Kepong.

Chuah boiled to 70 degree Celcius.

Kong never stopped. Kong attacked Chuah again and again publicly.

Chuah boiled to 90 degree Celcius, feeling like a gigolo that get paid only RM25.

Later, Kong chopped down Chuah head by sacking him from MCA and remove his deputy president post!

The excuse given was that Chuah let “his friend” sucked his cock 3 times in a single day.

Chuah boiled to 10,000 degree Celcius!!!

Chuah said, “Tiger doesn’t fight and you thought I am a sick cat?!” [老虎不发威你当我病猫?]

Tiger Chuah challenged King Kong with an EGM. King Kong accepted the challenge.

2,300+ MCA delegates needed to vote for 3 resolutions.

Resolution #1 – No Confidence against King Kong .

Resolution #2 – Restore Tiger Chuah as MCA member.

Resolution #2 – Restore Tiger Chuah as Deputy President.

The fight between Kong and Chuah was 50-50 because both command half the empire.

Fearless Kong announced publicly many times that if he is voted out, he will resign.

Like Manchester vs Liverpool, this war is much anticipated.

Manchester fans want Manchester to win. Liverpool fans want Liverpool to win.

It is either you die or I die. One hill cannot have 2 tigers.

2,307 delegates voted on 10 – 10 – 09.

Resolution #1 – Passed! No Confidence to Kong ! By a margin of only 14 votes (0.61%!)

Kong said, “Fucked!”

Tiger Chuah smiling, “Kekekekekeke!”

Resolution #2 – Passed! Tiger Chuah is restored as MCA member. By a margin of 109 votes (4.7%)

Kong said, “FUCKED!”

Tiger Chuah laughing, “HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

It looked like King Kong have to step down and surrender his kingdom to Chuah.

But then…

Resolution #3 – Failed! Tiger Chuah is NOT restored as deputy president! By a margin of 74 votes (3.2%)

Tiger Chuah, “WHAT THE FUCKED?!”

Isn’t this suppose to be you die or I die?

How come it ended up both die?

If Kong has to step down and Chuah is not restored his leadership, that means both lost in the war.

It is like both Manchester and Liverpool are disqualified for the championship.

“No one” expected these results (actually some are expecting it!).

They call them the third force.


Chinese says, “Bird fight with clam, fisherman get both!” [鹬蚌相争,渔人得利]

Clam taking naked sun bath.

Bird came to kiss sexy clam.

Clam kissed back bird’s plastic mouth.

Both engaged in French kissing.

Fisherman came, took both home to cook soup.

The fisherman is the third force.

But no one knew exactly who is the fisherman in MCA.

What is the motive of the fisherman? There were 2 guesses.

Guess #1 – Some “hero” members wanted to rescue MCA. They wanted to remove both problematic leaders to solve the fight of the party. Which is a good motive.

Guess #2 – The fisherman wanted to “borrow force” to become the new king. Which is an ugly motive.

The fisherman never show up. So everyone thought it “must” be Guess #1.

Tiger Chuah asked Kong to honor his words and resign.

But good movies always have many turning points and surprises.

If the first surprise is the poll results, the second “unexpected” is the thickness of Kong ’s face.

Kong decided not to resign!

But you can’t blow him. According to the constitutions, he can only be removed by over 66.6% votes.

Not By 50.4%!

Chuah very unhappy.

But King Kong is unhappy too.

He is heavily criticized. He no longer could show his usual ego face.

Later Kong promoted Leow (his first general in his Kong Gang) to become the deputy president.

He thought General Leow is in his “team”.

Leow is supposed to be Kong’s man.

But General Leow is not happy!!!

Leow asked Kong to respect the results of the votes.

The results ask both leaders “to go”.

Later Leow became impatient.

The “asking” became “attacking”.

Leow attacked Kong of not keeping his promise.

He also attacked Kong as being crazy for power.

Kong said Leow is not loyal and thankful to him.

General Leow is supposed to be in Kong’s gang, who is supposed to pledge full loyalty to the King (Kong).

But the truth is, while the King just lost a battle, his general is hungry for his seat!

If King Kong and Tiger Chuah step down, Leow, as the first general will be automatically selected as the new King!

The funny thing is, in all pictures and TV appearances, Leow was showing his upset face all the time due to the lost of his gang (Kong’s gang).

But deep inside his heart, he is just too excited to be the new king!

But he need to change his spectacles because he didn’t notice the thickness of Kong’s face earlier.

There is a high probability that General Leow is the real fisherman (even he is not, he will be assumed as).

It make all sense for him to betray his King in the EGM!

If his King is still in power after the EGM, he is still the general.

If his King and his enemy lose, he becomes the King!

Even if the enemy win, he won’t lose big too since he can simply joins the enemy.

So it is either a win, win a bit or WIN BIG!

All he needs is a few people to vote away Kong and Chuah to win BIG.

Maybe he is not smart enough to come out with this himself.

Some some smarter players must have teach him this “borrow knife to kill” strategy. [借刀杀人]

[The note wrote, “Stupid Dog, By Cat”]

If he win, it is like winning without fighting. [不战而胜]

If no one expected the thickness of King Kong ’s face, no one would have expected the next turning point.

King Kong and Tiger Chuah decided to join force!

After their mortal combat, they actually decided to do real French kissing!

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A carcinogen is something that can cause cancer with high chances. Scientists have discover many carcinogens since then. But the most popular carcinogen is known as aflatoxin (AF) which is often found in peanut butter (yummy!). When you feed rats with AF, they will develop liver cancer very fast (and effective).

Before I begin, please be open minded and ready to investigate. This is very important while reading all my writings because everything I write will be controversial and unconventional. People familiar with my blog know this (and thanks for coming back for more!). But new visitors are usually too influenced by standard academics. Their “contaminated” brain will reject anything that doesn’t match what they already known. This is a pity because the one who loses is you, not me.

In my cancer is not a disease post, I mention that we should use statistics to serve us, not to screw us. Where if 1 out of 10 people is healed from cancer, we should learn what that 1 people is doing and learn from him.

And in the post don’t let modern medicine screw you, I challenge a lot about why “scietific approach” can lead to many wrong assumptions, observations and theories. I even say that in the end, all theories all meant to be wrong! In this post, we can demonstrate just that, how “scientific approach” will always prove themselves to be wrong again and again.

Let’s get back to our story today.

While the worst peanut butter might contains over 300 times the acceptable level of aflatoxin (AF), this post is not asking you not to eat peanut butter. This post will develop a very long story from AF to peanut butter, to protein, to soy beans, to North Antartica… It will be like a movie, getting you deeper and deeper. I hope it will be an eye opening one.

We live in a complicated world and it is when we try to simplify things that we make a lot of mistakes.

AF is a “proven” carcinogen because when scientist feed the rats (poor rats) with it, almost all of them get liver cancer. There is really no dispute on it because no matter if it is a Chinese rat, a Malay rate or an Indian rat, you feed it with carcinogen, it will get liver cancer. It comes with a very high probability in statistical terms.

Colin Campbell is an expert in protein (a “PHD”). He wrote a controversial book known as “The China Study” (which has nothing to do with my Chinese post by the way). It is a book of discovery from his research for a few decades. And most of the story today, are from that book.

Dr Campbell was sent to Philippines to help solve a problem many years ago. Many Philippines kids died before the age of 5 from liver cancer. At that time, the statistics shows that the countries with the less protein intake have the highest occurrences of liver cancer. So they believe Phillipines kids were poor and thus lack of nutrition (protein in this case). So they sent Dr Campbell (the protein expert) to solve the problem.

But funny things happened. After increasing the protein intake (mostly milk) which was thought to be the solution, instead of seeing a reduction of liver cancer, more kids were getting it! (wtf!!!) This is of course very shocking and disappointing. Isn’t that science and statistic were saying “protein is the solution”?

And later, a doctor who worked there before Dr Campbell came told him that, he noticed most of the kids who got liver cancer are not the “poor” kids but the “rich” kids! The kids from rich families who can afford to eat better than the poor (got money to eat more “nutrients”, i.e. meat, milk and proteins).

Dr Campbell is those researcher who can get a lot of money to do research. His “China Study” is named so because he has the power and money to run his research on hundreds of thousands of the Chinese in China, tracking all sort of patterns and statistics.

At that time, a research report came from India and caught Dr Campbell’s attention. A research that people like Rak999 (an unfriendly commenter in my blog) will definitely say is “statistically impossible” and “I know for an undisputed fact that you’re wrong”. Unfortunately, there are just too many Rak999 in this world.

The research said something like the more protein you eat, the higher chance you will develop cancer. With their own supporting research and experiment of course. This type of announcement will probably be laughed by anyone because protein are highly worshiped at that time (almost the same today). 

But Dr Campbell didn’t want to merely ignore it. He is open minded and ready to investigate. As I said, he always got a lot of money to do a lot of research in a very large scale.

He tried to duplicate what the Indians did and see if he could get the same results. He divided rats into 2 groups. He fed both group lots of AF (aflatoxin, the carcinogen) which based on all previous experiments will guarantee the rat to get liver cancer. The only difference to both group is the protein consumption. The first group took the “normal” consumption of 20% protein, while the second group took just 5% protein. (There will always be control groups in these experiments that I will not write about for simplicity sake, test groups are rats that are not fed with AF but just proteins to make sure the experiment results are “more reliable”)

[I highlighted the text “normal” because as in my blog, I have repeated again and again that a lot of things that we think are normal are far from normal! BTW, a “normal” 20% consumption of protein a day for human is around 7 pieces of nuggets, just for you to benchmark]

The results? The rats that took 20% protein, like expected, 100% (repeat 100%) developed liver cancer. The other group? 100% (repeat 100%) DIDN’T develop any cancer! Read this paragraph again. Something that is “statistically impossible” and “I know for an undisputed fact that you’re wrong”. To prove AF does not cause cancer is “statistically impossible” before this and it is an “undisputed fact that you are wrong” if you say protein cause cancer!

So, can we conclude that protein causes cancer and by reducing it, we can avoid cancer? Scientists love breakthrough discoveries. But most of the time their breakthrough discoveries is another breakthrough mistake. We live in a complicated world and it is when we try to simplify things that we make a lot of mistakes.

At first AF was blamed to be the cause of cancer. But later they find out even rats that took a lot of AF can avoid cancer by reducing protein consumption to 5%. And please remember the statistical probability is 100% which is very significant.

Luckily, unlike other researcher, Dr Campbell didn’t stop there, claim victory, announce his breakthrough discovery and take all the fame (or maybe Nobel prize). He did a lot more experiments to dig deeper.

Instead of giving the rats either a 20% or 5% protein, he adjusted them time to time. That means group A will start with 20% of protein for 3 weeks, 5% for 3 weeks and repeat. Group B will start with 5% of protein for 3 weeks, 20% for 3 weeks and repeat.

Wuhahahaha. Know what happened? It turns out that we found a way to TURN ON and TURN OFF the cancer tumor growth at will! They discover that when the rats were taking 20% protein, the cancer tumor grew very fast and when the rats were taking 5% protein, the tumor actually stop growing!

It is like a “magic” button. You press it, the cancer grow. Press it again, the cancer stop growing!

Now we can make a further conclusion that while AF is proven to cause cancer, protein will affect it’s growth rate. AF is like the seed of cancer, and protein is like the fertilizer/water. We can eat a lot of AF (the cancer seed) but still won’t get cancer if we didn’t provide it with enough fertilizer (protein).

Getting something? Can we conclude now? Nope, far from that.

The question comes to, is protein to be blamed? Are all proteins equal? What protein was they using in these experiments? They are using MILK protein! A protein known as casein extracted from cow’s milk! Hmmm, tasty milk, tasty yogurt, tasty cheese, provide you with “good” proteins to make you “strong” and “healthy”.

More experiments was done to see if all protein are equal. They fed the rats plant based proteins (such as soy proteins) and the result?

Plant based proteins have no effect whatever towards cancer, no matter how much you take it!

So we now know that it is animal protein (meat and milk) that is the problem! That means protein is not that evil. It is still very important to our dietary but the source of protein (animal or plant)  is the key!

We are taught in school that we should eat animal proteins because they contain all the essential amino acids. We are told that plant based proteins are “not good” because they don’t contain all the essential amino acids.

Amino acids are the simplest form of protein (after being broken down) and essential means our body can’t make it on our own and has to rely on our diet (food) to get them.

Correct observation, but wrong conclusion and solution. While it is true that meats and milks contain all the essential amino acids while plants do not, that doesn’t mean plants protein are not good and we should eat more meat.

While plant A, B and C might contain only 50% of the essential acids EACH, eating ALL A, B and C will give you ALL the essential amino acids your body needs! And hey, there are significant more type of plants in this world than meats!!! Meats that we eat most of the time are either chicken, pork, beef and fish. There are plenty of vegetables and fruits that you don’t even know their names.

That means for someone who didn’t eat chicken and drink milk (and other animal proteins), he can get all the proteins he need by eating, say, just soy bean + brown rice + carrot (example only). While each of them lack certain essential amino acids, overall they cover each other and provide all the essential amino acids that you need.

Dr Campbell goes on his research. The whole book will link animal proteins towards many other “modern” diseases including high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, etc. I am not going there now, I will continue with another part of the story I want to tell.

Michael Pollan (not a health expert but a journalist!) wrote a book called “In Defense of Food”. This is a great book that gives us a lot of new perspectives on looking at our “food” problem that we think are “normal”.

[This is the first time I have to put book names here for references because many people thought that I made things up myself. I do read a lot dude, more than 10 books on health topic alone from food to running to chi-gong and 300+ others since last 7 years. The figure is not for showing off. It is to give you some confidence that I am not really just talking cock! There is really something for you!]

The more perspectives your have, the more ways you can look at the same thing. While Mr Campbell is ingenious, still he can miss a lot of things. For the third time, I want to say, “We live in a complicated world and it is when we try to simplify things that we make a lot of mistakes.

Repetition is the mother of skill dude. This blog is about repeating all the unconventional stuff to you again and again so it becomes conventional to you.

Is the answer and solution so simple as “animal protein”? While it is true that it is a BIG advantage to stay away from animal protein (which I do strongly encourage myself), what if there are more that we don’t know yet? What if there are some “black swans”?

[Black swan means if you have seen 1,000 white swans doesn’t mean you can conclude that all swans are white. All it takes is just a black swan and your theory/conclusion will be wrong]

There are just too many “black swans” as we will see. And this might be a good news for those who want to eat MEAT! :)

If animal proteins are evil, why cancer only become so common in the last 30 years? People 100 years ago might not even heard of cancer. [clue: modernization]

And how come the Eskimos, who eat almost 100% animals meat from sea (you can’t plant vegetables on ice dude!) have very low rate of cancer?

Or looking at it from the other way, why do so many vegetarians got cancer?! Why housewives who never smoke, never drink, eat nutrition supplements and even eat only vegetables can have lung cancer and breast cancer?

Because for the forth time-

We live in a complicated world and it is when we try to simplify things that we make a lot of mistakes.

Nothing is a mere simple cause and effect. Everything involve thousands of causes and thousands of effects cross linking with each other. We have 100 trillion cells in our body, we have multiple organs working together with millions of chemical reaction happening in our body each second… and we are trying to figure all this out with our overrated mind…

While we are far from knowing the real truth, we will look more about the black swans that I have just mentioned. We will see why this Eskimos are not cursed by animal proteins, why the housewives who live a “healthy” lifestyle could get cancer, how you can eat meat but not getting cancer (or how you can eat vegetables and die of cancer!).

We will bring more causes and effects to the surface (although is still be scratching the surface) but I believe it is sufficient for us to become lowest 10% of people who will get cancer in the future. Stay tuned as I will give you the knowledge that I have summarized from my own “study” (stolen and concluded from many books actually).

Akan Datang! Before 2012!

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