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Sometimes, I will come across a song that I like so much that will loop it the whole night and this is one of it! Same song, different videos, all good entertainments. Enjoy! :)

The Original Version – Korean (The “duck hand” move is very “signature”)

The US Debut Version – English (Oh Jacky Cheung’s 头发乱了!)

Piano Version (I wish I can play myself)

Street Version! (Taken from many different public scenes! But how come all the Korean can pretend they see nothing?)

Robot Version! (They are real physical robot! Not animation!)

Rock Version (The guy is a bit ugly, eye too small, but bring new taste to the song)

Sohai Version (But the spectacle guy is good!)

Mr Bean Version! (I was drinking water and I nearly blow it out! He is “serious”! Look at his face expression.)

Remix Version (More different taste)

Slow Version

Fever Version (This one sum up the fever and all the sohai in 1 video)

Wonder Baby Dancing with Wonder Girls (Shameful with your own dance skill?)

For the lyrics I can only remember these:-




And why Korean girls all leg so long?! xD

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Weird enough, our brain really knows nothing other than comparing. Or should we say everything has a “meaning” only if we are able to compare it with something else.

East means nothing if there is no West. Woman means nothing if there is no man. Tall means nothing when there is no short.

When you say something is cold, it is because you compare it with something that is hotter.

[If you hold a snake or lizard, yucks, it is cold to you but it is hot to them!]

When you say it is on the east, it is because you are standing on the west. You are comparing it to where you are standing.

[If you ride a rocket up to the space where you can’t see the earth anymore, where is EAST? Where is WEST? Where is UP and where is DOWN?]

You say “this is woman” and “that is man” because we compare their … … type of fruits?

— —

Since now we know everything is about comparing (the old Chinese masters caledl it yin yang) we can now use it to derive our rule of happiness and hope that we can be “happily ever after”. First we start with 2 observations.

Observation #1

If we compare ourselves to someone richer, we feel poorer and thus unhappy. On the other hand if we compare ourselves to someone poorer, we feel richer and thus more happy!

De deeeeeeeeennnnnnggggggggggggg!

And then,

Observation #2

If “what we want” is more than “what we have”, we feel unfulfilled and unhappy. On the other hand if “what we have” is more than “what we want”, we feel very fulfilled and happy!

De de de deeeeeeeeennnnnnggggggggggggg!

So using this 2 basic observations, we can derive the formula/rule of happiness.

Rule #1

To feel rich and happy, always compare yourself with someone poorer than you! (~don’t laugh!~)

Rule #2

Always make sure “what you want” is so little that “what you have” looks like a lot!

— —

Is this a joke? Isn’t this sounds like cheating yourself?

No it is not a joke. And Yes, it is cheating! It is a mind trick. Since we know how the mind works, we try to trick it. Just like how we trick people do to what we want by offering them choices.

And who cares if it is cheating or a trick? All we need to know is that it works! The ancient Indians and ancient Chinese has been using this philosophy since a few thousand years ago! [Unfortunately, “smart” people today who are supposed to be “smarter” than ancient people seems to forgot about this ancient wisdom]

If you score 99 in you test, you can be unhappy if you compare yourself to those scoring 100. Even if there is no one scoring 100, you can still be unhappy focusing on the 1 mark you didn’t get.

If you are second in the whole school, you can be unhappy if you compare yourself to the first, even if that is Harvard or Oxford.

If you are Warren Buffett (the second richest man on earth), you can still be unhappy because you compare yourself to Bill Gates (the richest man on earth)

On the other hand, you can be happier than Bill Gates if all you want is to watch 8TV and eat strawberry.

You see, why we are suffering today is because we set different rules based on the same observations. Thanks to all the bestselling motivation and “You can be rich” type of books. Thanks to the instant idol reality programs. Thanks to the few instant internet millionaire story that we heard from Google, Facebook and now Twitter (which get rich faster and faster)!

Unfortunately, we all (including the “motivators”) set the wrong rules. What rules?

Based on Observation #1, if we compare ourselves to someone richer, we feel poor and unhappy. So they set their Rule #1 (their solution to observation #1) as

Their Rule #1 (probably yours too)

To avoid feeling poor and unhappy, make yourself richer and richer so everyone else is poorer than you!

And then to tackle observation #2, they set their Rule #2.

Their Rule #2 (probably yours too)

In order to get “what we want”, we must increase “what we have” (double/triple/1 million dollar/4 wives…)!

Yep, it works too. Same observations, same problems but different solutions/rules/mindset.

But the problem?!?

Why so many celebrities who seems to have everything in the world, take drugs or even suicide (or die of drug overdosed)? Remember Ko Ko Alan Cheung? Remember Michael Jackson? Remember the Joker in Batman? Why do people like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, which is supposed to be our role models, are always linked to drugs?

The problem is that when we set the wrong rules and go the opposite direction, what we get is not happily-ever-after but never-ending-suffering.

You see, at the moment you thought you need to be richer than somebody, or to have x amount of money before you can be happy, you can’t be happy right now. Then you thought you need to change that. Instead of using the “dirty” trick by comparing to someone poorer or reduce the x amount to y so you have more “what you have” than “what you want” that can happened right now, you decided to put your happiness into the future.

You do what you are “taught” by the books/society/parents/teacher. You try to tackle it with the “normal” ways that other people do. You want to make more money than the person that is richer than you. And you set your financial goal to x amount of money “you want” in the future that you don’t have right now.

Whether you reach your goal or not, you have made a decision. You have made a decision to put your happiness into the future in exchange with suffering, unfulfillment and unhappiness right now. You work hard for the “future,” hope that one day you can be happy in the “future”. You suffer now.

But then 2 things can happen. The future never comes and you live your entire live in full regrets. Or the future came and you hit your “ultimate” goal. But what’s next? After 30 years of fighting and struggling, you finally made it. You open up a RM48,888 champagne to celebrate with your wife (or mistress since your wife might be too old for you at that time), buy a big bungalow with 20 rooms and 40 maids and park 20 Porsches in front of your house to show the guy that used-to-be richer than you that have “motivated” you the last 30 years.

Then what? Because of 30 years of hard root conditioning to your brain, it is now WIRED (or a better word “FUCKED”!)! Your “mind” is “set”! You now have a “mindset” that can be driven only by unhappiness and goal, you won’t be able to stop that! You won’t be able to get happy!

A trained muscle is very hard to be untrained if you do it wrongly! A kid who is a virgin has no experience in badminton can easily be trained to be a world champion rather than an OK-OK player who has been practicing and playing with the wrong tactics! The same goes to the conditioning of your brain and all the wiring of your brain neurons (Once it is fucked, DHA and EPA can’t help anymore,they call it “Fucked up brain”)!

After so many years of “practicing”, it becomes a habit. You can’t just stop after you reach your goal and be happily-ever-after! You have been living in the “suffering now for the future mode” for so long and when the “future” really comes, you can’t experience it because of your poor habit, there is no “now” but only “future”!

So maybe after 2 weeks of fulfillment and satisfaction, your will get uncomfortable and unhappy again (like Robert Kiyosaki having a vacation in Fiji Island after he is “free” but can’t even finish his planned vacation and have to return earlier!). For the last 30 years, you never really learn how to be happy. Your “happy” software is not installed in your “brain”. The software you installed, based on the 2 rules you set earlier, is to always compare with someone better than you!

De deeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnggggggggggggg!

So after 2 weeks, you will start back your old routine, your old habit. You simply can’t stop. The momentum is so big, the brain is so fucked up. So now, you find someone even richer and compare yourself to him. You “enjoy” being “unhappy” again. You increase your “what you want” from x to 1,000 times x so you need a higher “what you have” to make yourself happy. You set new goals only to curse yourself more, to a never ending stream of suffering. You live again in the “future”, expecting one day you will be happy. Unfortunately,

To be HAPPY, it is not in the future. It is RIGHT NOW.

— —

Homework #1

Find 6 people (friends/relatives/neighbors/enemies…) that are poorer than you and remind yourself everyday that you are richer than them!

[If you end up being 1 of the 6 that is selected by your friends, be proud because you just make someone happy! :) Bill Gates will even envy you because he can’t serve that role, no one can put him in their list!]

Homework #2

Take out your bank account book, divide the balance by 2 and set it as the amount “you need” to be happy. And remind yourself that anytime you have that amount, you are happy.

[If you account balance drop, divide it again by 2 to get a new  “what you need” but on the other hand, don’t increase it when you have more money so your “what you need” is always kept at a low base, making you “richer and richer” in the future]

— —

It sounds very “ugly” and “unethical” but it is definitely a better alternative than to set up painful goals such as “I want to be richer than you” or “I want to make more money .”

Of course, we do have more “beautiful” spiritual ways to attain even better results, which is the “no comparing” method which should be our ultimate goal in the future. If you don’t need to compare, how do you know if you are rich or poor?! It is even more powerful and effective because you don’t even need to “think”!

But since our mind still like to think a lot and compare a lot, it is a difficult to stop comparing right now, but it is easier to change the object of our comparison right now. So we try to cheat by changing the object of our comparison, by selecting something “better” to compare with! And “mind” you, cheating the “mind” works! Even this method is “lower standard” like Proton, it is still a car dude!

Mummy Dog and her Bibi Doggie

Bibi doggie keep chasing its own tail but no matter how fast he “spin”, bibi doggie still can’t reach his tail!. The mummy dog tells her bibi, “You don’t need to chase your tail because you will never get it! But it’s already with you RIGHT NOW, no matter where you go, it will follow you”.

Oh, by the way, your last homework -

Homework #3

Leave me a comment if you like, dislike or even ‘no comment’ about this post. Do you really have a choice? :)

— —

Recommended Reading:

*Malaysian can buy books online with 1 day delivery and RM8 shipping from Kinokuniya!

I need to learn how to write shorter posts so I can make more frequent posts so you won’t assume that I am dead!

All the coming posts will be about China, investing and health. These are the topics I am interested in. Will try my best to write in proper English but can’t promise you anything! :)

My Initial “Biased” View About China

I always thought China is not-that-good. I believed in all the ‘bad’ things ‘newspaper’ says about China, you know the ‘immoral’ Chinese businessmen that make poisonous toys and foods, the environment ‘unfriendly’ Chinese that cause pollution and global warming, the ‘inhuman’ one-family-one-child policy, the ‘undemocratic’ communist government, the ‘evil’ Mao Zedong, etc.

And because some of my Malay readers can’t wait to kick me back to China because they don’t like my post on sohai and prostitute, I decided to study more about China and see if going back there is a good choice!

[Actually I am researching China for investing opportunities lar.]

The more I study, the more I find out that we have been brainwashed by the newspaper (especially the Western media) about China. What we read in the paper is not reflecting the real truth behind the scene. The price you need to pay, if you are now aware between the ‘truths’ and the ‘lies’ is like digging a hole in the sand and hiding your head in it while keeping your big fat ass outside. In the short terms, things can look cloudy, in the long term, everything will be clear and you will know who is the biggest liar.

What’s So Special About The 4 Developed Countries

After world war 2, economy in the whole world is booming and we have over 100 emerging economies. We call them the developing country. They are doing very well. These include Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore, India and a lot more.

Out of these 100+ developing countries, only 4 rise to become developed countries. Which 4? Knowing which are these 4 countries will explain everything about today’s post and serve as a STRONG support and proof or what I am writing.

The 4 countries are:-


Many countries didn’t make it. Some even create multiple financial crisis and disaster for themselves. So what makes the above 4 countries rise above the pack and become developed country?

Answer: They Are Mostly ‘Chinese’

“Fuck You, Koreans are not Chinese!” I heard you. But their people and country are very “Chinese”. Their tiny country is sticked to Mainland China like your balls are sticked to your body. Before they invented their own characters that look like “boxes”, they write in Chinese characters. Seoul is known as the “Han City” in Chinese before they change it to “Sou Er” 3 years ago. Chinese people are also known as Han people and 90% of the Chinese in China are from the Han ethic. When I went to Korea a few years ago and visit their ancient University, there is a statue of Confucius in the school! They study the teaching of Confucius. And the Koreans even claim that Confucius was a Korean instead a Chinese. At the end, they also like to eat gin seng like the Chinese.

So, Korean are heavily influence by Chinese culture and traditions. They are influenced by the teaching and virtue of the Chinese great old master like Confucius. So while they don’t speak Chinese, they are very similar to one. And I bet a Westerner can’t differentiate between a Chinese and a Korean.

So what’s so special about Chinese?

Chinese are simply the greatest capitalist in the world. In plain English, Chinese are the greatest businessmen in the world. It has been demonstrated again and again for the last 5,000 years. While China didn’t look good until recently, just look at how the overseas Chinese are doing, especially the 4 Asian tigers that I mentioned earlier.

China encountered a series of ‘unfortunate’ events before they have the chance to rise up again. They are fallen far behind because of the mismanagement under the late qing dynasty, the opium war by the westerners (and later by selling drugs to the Chinese), the invasion of Japan and later the Civil war between the Republic of China and the Communist Party. There were all sorts of mess in China. Everything is just ugly.

The people are poor. Living is difficult. So it make sense for many Chinese to try to make a living overseas! Exactly like a Bangla coming to Malaysia to work at Kopitiam and serve in Ipoh’s Dim Sum restaurant! Because of this, you can find Chinese in every corner of the world. My mum’s father is one of them. His mum sold the only pig at home, buy him a ship ticket and took 1 week to sail Malaysia through the South China Sea.

While mainland China was doing poorly at that time (now is different story), overseas Chinese are doing a better. Look at Taiwan, look at Singapore and look at Hong Kong. Singapore GDP per capita is 6 times bigger than Malaysia. Which means 1 Singaporean produce 6 times more than a Malaysian. Knock! Knock! The hypocrites 47 years ago (1963) voiced that Singapore would not survive for more than 3 years because it is a just a tiny dot. 47 years later, the hypocrites say that Singapore is “supposed” to be better off than Malaysia because it can be managed more easily because it is just a tiny dot. Fuck!

Dot or not a dot, it has something has to do with the people! In the last 50 years after world war II, we also place very high hopes on economies such as Mexico, Argentina, Vietnam , Thailand and Philippines. But then they are not able to make it! So what is differentiating them with Singapore? (and Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Again, it is about the PEOPLE. This is the key you need to remember, disregard to whether you are a Chinese or NOT a Chinese! Knowing this fact alone will allow you to make smart investment choices in the future!

If you are non Chinese, especially when you are Malay, you may not like what I just wrote. You may again want to kick me back to China. But if you are the new open minded Malay that is willing to learn, knowing Chinese are great capitalist and great businessmen allows you to know where to invest your money with! While feeling inferior to another race is not fun, making MORE MONEY for yourself because you know where to put your money with is VERY FUN! While face is important, think about your wallet and your bank account! You will always got your “Face” back when you have thick wallet! Pretending and ignorance will not.

Remember: Chinese Is Just Too Good About Money

I am not trying to glorify Chinese, I am trying to bring the truth to the table. Truth is something that doesn’t care whether you believe it or not. If gravity will pull us down, it will pull us down. Not believing on it won’t cause gravity to stop working. That’s call truth. Truth needs no defending! [For those who like to use war to defend their religion, please remember “Truth needs no defending”. Something that needs to be defend is not truth]

Chinese invented their own “calculator” known as abacus. Abacus is so powerful that by training yourself to imagine a virtual abacus in your brain, you can do powerful mathematics with your brain without any electronic devices! Not only you can do it without a device, you can do it FASTER than a device because you don’t need to press the number into your calculator or your computer. You just look or listen to the numbers and you can spit the answer out with your mouth! This is what all the super-genius-math class is about, a virtual abacus in your mind. Send your kid to learn!

While it look like I am saying it is the Chinese “genes” that do all the wonders, it is actually more to their virtues, culture and traditions pass down since 5,000 years ago.

Virtue #1 – Hardworking

The first virtue is Chinese are very very hardworking, i really mean “HARD” working. They are willing to work very hard, survive in very bad circumstances and still make money out of it!

Many Chinese in Malaysia have to work overseas too in places like Ireland and Japan. My aunt used to work in Japan for almost 10 years. She (and others) didn’t sleep on bed, they sleep in “cages!” A room will contain several “cages” with multiple few levels. While you might have a double deckers bed in your children room, they have 6 deckers or 7 deckers. When you go to work, you lock all your belongings in your cage. When you come home, you sleep in the cage.

So maybe your address will look something like “Cage Level 6B …”

My father’s mahjong mate used to work in a ‘black’ zone in US. It’s black because they are mostly black people that don’t follow law, they can come to you and take your money and stuff, or maybe even rape you (your ass) and beat you to death.

But Chinese can still make money in such a world! They adapt by opening stores with thick iron grills and bulletproof windows! They hire security guards armed with real guns! They only let 1 customer in at a time. And man! These are not banks and jewelries shop! They are only selling Shampoo and Maggi Mee!

Virtue #2 – Saving

The second virtue is that Chinese are very good at saving money. Unfotunately, the worst habit that Chinese have is exactly the opposite – Gambling! Don’t simple stick with Chinese friends! Stick with the savers and stay away from the gamblers!

The American (the biggest spender in the world) spends $70 for every $40 they made! I still don’t know how to do the math! Where will the $30 come from? They borrow from the future. If you are still young like me, you will have a chance to witness how US has to face this problem in the future, which will be very very ugly.

Chinese on the other hand save a large portion of their income. While the Americans buy house by borrowing from the banks, many Chinese don’t! Most Chinese (inland and overseas) prefer to use their own savings (and their parents savings) to buy house! Even when they borrow, it is their habit to put bigger down payment and pay off the loan earlier. Chinese don’t like to owe people money. (Disclaimer: Gamblers excluded).

When 1 + 1 is greater than 2

If you are hardworking and at the same time a great saver, imagine what is the outcome? These Chinese that can’t make a living in Malaysia and choose to work hard and save a lot in oversea as an illegal foreign worker that get little pay for lots of work can actually come home, buy house and car and live a lot better than their peers! Some are using their savings to start some small businesses and make a better living.

[They always come home. They come home to Malaysia, not China.]

Bringing these Virtues to Businesses

The MOST SHOCKING TRUTH that I ever got is after I reading several annual reports of the Chinese companies listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. I find out that most of these Chinese companies DON’T BORROW to run their business! Not only that they are not borrowing, they are also keeping a lot of CASH in their bank accounts! American business don’t operate this way. Not only the American consumers like to borrow, the American businesses also like to borrow.

Chinese businessmen are more conservative and I prefer to invest my money with them. How about you?

How China Will Be Affected?

Now I want to ask you a question that is worth 1 million dollar, what country has the most Chinese? :)

This is the main difference that separates China with any other emerging countries, including India which most people like to compare China with. And you know it now, it is the people that makes the difference.

The China Miracle, the economy booming that we are witnessing right now, where the westerners like to call it “fake” and “make up” is something that you need to pay special attention to. Now I want to explain to you why China is so special to you and to the world.

As I’ve pointed out, the Chinese people is very good with money. You don’t need to teach them how to make money. You don’t need to send them to business school. It is already in their genes, in their traditions, in their virtues, in their brain or in whichever body parts you like to name.

The KEY so special to China compare to any other country is, once you are able to set the platform and the stage for these Chinese to perform, YOU DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING and they will perform themselves.

All that the Chinese government needs to do is to set the stage for their people to perform! There are just too many smart people out waiting to perform! Once you open up and let them do their work, they will perform and deliver, no spoon feeding and Harvard Business School require.

And it is not only the inland Chinese that is performing right now! The overseas Chinese play an even bigger role in the miracle! And it has to go back to Singapore, to Hong Kong, to Taiwan and even to Malaysia!!! (I think Korean will regret renaming “Han City” to “Sou er”)

When the Chinese government open up and says to the Chinese overseas, “We Need You And We Welcome You Back!” The BIG CHUCK of successful Chinese all over the world start to invest money back to their homeland. Because they are already very successful overseas, they have lots of MONEY and lots of EXPERIENCES. Imagine having all the greatest player in a football team! China is having all the greatest players in their “business” game.

Do you know the MOST SUCCESSFUL departmental store in China is known as PARKSON?!?!?!??!?!? And the founder and owner of Parkson is Tan Sri Cheng Heng Jem who is an experience businessmen in Malaysia? If there is a Malaysia brand that Malaysian can be proud of in China, that must be Parkson.

The largest electronics and computer components manufacturer in the world is known as Foxconn. They produce your iPod, iPhone, PS3 and many more on a contractual basis. They have 550,000 employees working in their “factory city” [Ipoh has 700,000 people, KL City 1,800,000 for comparison sake!]. Foxconn will provide food and accommodation to their factory workers and I bet they have the biggest hostel and canteen in the world! They also setup the most number of ATMs in their “city”.

Foxconn is founded by Terry Gou, an incredibly successful entrepeuner from Taiwan, who owns Hon Hai Precision Industry. Terry is already very successful in Taiwan, and see how his money and experience can do wonder in China, providing 500,000+ jobs and cheap iPod to you!

There are much much more people like Cheng Heng Jem and Terry Gou who are bringing their money and experience back to China. I am sure you will know who is Li Ka Sing! And even our local Genting’s Lim Kok Thay keep dumping money into Macau.

Many successful businesses in Hong Kong are expanding fast into China. Oversea Chinese investor will always have a head start compare to the westerners because they simply are closer to China in distance, cultures, language, name and skin colour!


Diu, I overwrite again! Isn’t that I am suppose to write short?! Let’s continue in Part 2 next time.

2009 is a confusing year for me. A lot of weird funny thoughts spark through my brain that might eventually make me crazy because of “Thinking Too Much”. Luckily I just notice that the mental hospital is just 4km away from my house.

The Vegetarian Shop

You know, Buddhism teach us not to kill any living beings, including the chicken you eat. Last time I thought that vegetarian shops are doing a great deed because they ask us to eat vegetables so we don’t need to kill animals.At first glance, it looks like a good deed. But when I look deeper, I notice that YES, they don’t kill animals anymore. BUT, they are now upgrade they “bad deed” by killing human beings! The so-called healthy vegetarian food they cooked are mostly junk food/toxins. They are mostly deep fried and oily. I can’t even see how it can be termed as ‘healthy’. And I think killing human is WORST than killing animals. Making people sicked are a bigger sin than eating meat!

The Monk and the Butcher

A monk and a butcher are roommates (haha). They stay together as best friends. Everyday if the monk wake up earlier than the butcher, he will wake up the butcher so he can go to work. If the butcher wake up earlier than the monk, he will wake up the monk instead. So time flies and one day both of them are dead. The monk is sent to HELL while the butcher is sent to HEAVEN. Why?

Because the monk wake up the butcher to go for KILLING everyday (bad deed) while the butcher wake up the monk to PRAY everyday (good deed)

Emperor Qin Shi Huang

Almost everyone wants to kill Emperor Qin because he is a brutal leader. They call him the ‘bad’ guy. Tony Leung Chiu Wai, who play the top assassin in the movie Hero, break through all the defense barrier of Emperor Qin until the final (like Lee Chong Wei playing badminton entering final with Lin Dan), placing his “parang knife” (it is really a parang if you watch the movie) on the neck of Emperor Qin. He can just chop his head down like a coconut but at that moment, he got some realization. He didn’t kill him and left. He said, “One shouldn’t kill Emperor Qin”. (I hope Lee Chong Wei won’t say “One shouldn’t beat Lin Dan”)

Why? He might be a “bad” guy but he united the whole China under him and ended the war and ends the people suffering of the long war. If Qin is killed, people will need to suffer in war again.

“Mongolia” Najib?

No one, for sure know if Najib is really the killer of the Mongolia girl (did you see it yourself?) If indeed it is really him, then you need to respect him that he can be so good on ‘cleaning his mouth’  even sharks like Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim can’t do a thing to proof it. I also know how to blind-talk (I always do in my blog), just attacking people with no proof is boring.

Najib is on the right path of liberalizing Malaysia, and if he keeps doing it and at a faster pace, I am sure I have no problem voting him on the next election. I am simply tired of seeing Malaysia monkey show where politicians are crazy for their power. I don’t want Malaysia to end up like our neighbors – Thailand, Philliphine and Indonesia.

Human deserve “Freedom” and “Democrazy”?

We all want freedom. But think about it, if everyone has freedom, then we really don’t have any freedom! If everyone can do what they want to do, how on earth can you feel safe! If you let your kids to decide if they want to go to school, all of them will say NO. And school can close shop without H1N1. If you ask the adult if they want to work, all of them will say NO too. If you ask the people if government should pay every citizen RM5,000 monthly, all of them will say YES. “Freedom” on highway with no speed limit? You dare to use the highway anymore?

And you think democrazy is right for everyone, right for every country? Look at Thailand, look at Philippines. Too much freedom and  too democracy are crazy. Something that work in a country might not work well in another.You can’t give freedom to everyone. No freedom = prison. Too much freedom = crazy. We can only give half freedom.

No Casino, No Alcohol, No Pork?!

This is not a sensitive issue, I am just giving examples. You see, I don’t go to casino, I don’t go to pubs, to discos.  I don’t drink alcohol and I seldom eat pork either. I even seldom eat chicken and beef! So I am 5 times more extreme than Muslim! Is it good to shut down casinos, pubs, disco, ban gambling and alcohol and eating of pork? Of course I fully support it 100% because it won’t affect me at all.

But what is the problem? The problem is that we as human LIKE to put our values onto other people. We like to FORCE our values into other people. Which you might not sense anything “wrong” because you think you are doing the “right” thing. As I have written in a long post why the world can never be perfect, something that is right to you is always wrong to somebody.

If today there is a religion who worship god with alcohol and pork (there are many!) and they are the majority in our country while Muslim is a minority,  think how it feels when they FORCE their values to you, to tell you the correct way to worship god is by using alcohol and pork? To tell you that what you believe in now is “wrong”? What if there is a religion who think COW is sacred and cannot be killed (there are many!) and INFORCE rules in the country where we can’t slaughter cow because it is “wrong”? Then what do you do in Hari Korban?

More interesting is what if the religion who thinks killing anything is “wrong”, forbid you to kill everything in the country? No more turkey on Christmas?

Trying to Change People or Not To?

If we think something is “right”, should we convince people on it and make people think the way we think? If we think something is “wrong”, should we tell other people? This is an important question for everyone to ask themselves. It is also the the biggest challenge to religions. Should I tell everyone that cancer is not a disease? Should I tell everyone that doctors are liars?

When I blog, I am LOUD and BOLD. But if  I see you in person, I rarely rarely rarely rarely will talk about this. I don’t even talk much to my parents about this nowadays. Because this thing will just make you an “unfriendly creature”.

My point of guidance is simple (that I learn from reading newspaper! ahh, sometimes “Newspaper is better than AhYap.com”), you can try to change people, but you need to make sure you don’t piss people off! If you are sensing anger out of the fella, you better stop (including your mum!). Let them stay the way they wants. Don’t make people angry and unhappy.

There is also no need to get angry when something you expected happen. “See, ask you not to drive so fast, now accident already lor”. “See, ask you not to eat KFC so much, now got cancer already lor”… People, no matter they listen or not, no matter the do the “right” or the “wrong” thing will suffer all the consequences as a cause and effect. It is their path whether it is their choice or not. A guy who has lung cancer might already been enjoying smoking for 30 plus years and he may thinks the pleasure for so long  is worth it! Maybe for them to live until 100 years old without cigarettes is more suffering.

The Soldiers and The Villagers

The soldiers are chasing for the runaways villagers. They have killed almost all of them in the village, the ‘lucky’ ones managed to escape and hide in a cave nearby. The soldiers are still searching nearby. One of the baby keeps crying! He is ‘innocent’ but his crying will get everyone killed including his mum and dad! What should his mum and dad do? If you are one of the villager, what do you do? If you are one of the villager and your wife and you mum and your dad and your 12 kids and your 108 year-old grandma and your mother-in-law  is with you, WHAT DO YOU DO? To kill the baby, or not to kill the baby? 1 dies or 30 die? Or we have no right to kill no matter what, even we will be killed?

If You Kill Yourself And You Will Save Another Man’s Life ….

If there is a gun and you point it to your head and pull the trigger and you can save a stranger life, will you do it? What if it is your mum, or your kids? What if it is not 1 stranger but 10 strangers? What if it is 100 strangers? 1,000? 1 million?!

Will You Eat A Cockroach?

People in “fear factor” eat a lot of cockroaches. But will you do that? Some people eat cockroach without you asking because they say it tastes good! What if I pay you RM10 to eat a cockroach? You might not be interested but the beggar might do it, for him eating cockroach is nothing but RM10 is a big thing. What if it is RM100? RM1,000? RM1 million? I WILL EAT ONE and I don’t know about you. Every value has a price!

Gone Baby Gone

A baby has a fucked up mum who is a drug addict. The baby doesn’t have a father (I think the mum don’t even know who is her father). Then someone came to “steal” the baby and give the baby a good and happy life like other kids with a “father” and a “mother” and a “loving house”. If you know about this stealing, what do you do? To inform the police so the baby can get back to her mum? Or to pretend that you see nothing? Morally it is “wrong” to steal. But is it morally “right” to send the baby back to hell?

To Report Police or Not To?

If your house is broken in and you lose your laptop, you LCD TV, your Japan AV DVDsand your RM10,000 Poh Kong jeweleries, should you report to the police (assume you don’t have any insurance and you don’t need to claim one)?

I did report (Disclaimer: I didn’t lose any AV DVDs). What happened next was a bunch of policemen came to your house and me your house like a big crime scene. They then tell you that this is very common and it happens twice everyday in the neighborhood. Then an “investigator” sprayed a lot of black powder onto your cupboard to get finger prints. Then they left, like they are very pro.

Go to police station, take time. Wait for them to come, take time. Wait for them to ‘do’ their ‘pro’ work, take time. Clear up the mess (and the black powder) after they left, take more time… After 7 fucking years, nothing recovered.

My notebook got stolen due to my sohainess on leaving my notebook in my car in KL 100m away from the police station. Since the police station is so near, I went to report. First thing, they scolded us and say we were “bising” (noisy). Then I have to wait a long time before it is my turn (2 officers working, only 1 person reporting). He took my report like I had nothing better to do but was there to waste his time. The wall at his back was “MESRA, CEPAT DAN BETUL”. Puiiii Puii Puiiiii. Mesra my donkey cock.

He then asked me to come back to collect the report next day! Come back? I said I have a seminar tomorrow that I paid thousands for and they say I have to skip the seminar to come back for the report sharply at 9am in the morning. Come back your head lar, come back!

Let say you sell gold and your gold shop is robbed. When they recover the jeweleries, they won’t give it back to you! They will keep it as ‘evidence’ until the court case is over (take years). And then how much gold is really recovered and how much is given back to you is another question.

If you shop is being robbed and you have CCTV installed, prepare to buy a new set because they will take your CCTV away and give you back after the court case (but there are no court case because they don’t  manage to catch the thieves!). So your property become Bukit Aman property.

If you have a car accident and your car is in the police station, haha, you either be smart enough to know how to get your car back quick or you may want to wait for some documentation work that never seems to be able to finish.

Even if they recover my notebook on search, do you think they will try to find me and give it back to me? A lot of pirated DVDs, notebooks, firecrackers and even drugs are items being “resold”. And guess where is the source.

You Don’t Feel Like Going Out With Someone

If you don’t feel like going out with someone, do you say, “Hey I don’t like to go out with you” or do you say, “I got something to do today”. But actually you have nothing to do the whole day!

“Your Baby Is So Cute!”

Do you say “Your baby is so cute!” or do you say “Your baby look like a lizard?” when indeed it look like a lizard?

When You Are Claiming Warranty

“Was it strike by thunder?”
“No ar, I don’t think so. I always unplug the wire one wor. ”

“Did you wet it?”
“No ar, this morning trying to turn it on already like this.”

“Did you drop it on the floor?”
“No ar! I open the box it is already like this.”

Should We Abolish ISA?

Hahahahahha. Hahahahahha. Knife can be used to cut apple and knife can be used to kill people. And if a thieve enter your house and want to rape your wife and your daughter, do you still use your knife just to cut apple? Do you think our country is free of troublemakers and our people are mature enough?

If A Plane Crashed And There Is Only One Survivor…

Is that a ‘good’ news or a ‘bad’ news? It is a ‘good’ news if you compare it with “no survivors”. It is a ‘bad’ news if you compare it with “no planecrash”.

The Death of Michael Jackson

Is it an “accident”? Or is it a “pattern”? Should you be surprised or should you not? 8 drugs, multiple operations, extreme life stress …

What If You Are Not “You”?

You always think you are you. You think the voice in your head is you thinking. WHAT IF, the voice is not you? The voice that you think is you is actually a disease? Like HIV? That come and attack you and take over you? The voice seems to know nothing, it doesn’t control our heart beat, it doesn’t control our digestion, sometimes the voice couldn’t even ask us to wake up in the morning. Is the voice really the owner of the ‘body’? And where do the voice go when we fall asleep? If the voice is you, why can’t you make it stop? And if you make it stop, who make it stop? Another “You”? And I suppose all human is the same  in the deeper level (we eat food, breath oxygen, have DNAs…) but why some voices are “English”, some voices are “French” and some voices are “Japanese”?

The Car Seller and The Coffin Seller

Is it “right” or “wrong” for the car seller to hope that people get richer? Is it right or wrong for the coffin seller to hope more people die everyday? Is it right or wrong for the doctor to hope more people get sicked?

They Ate The Corpses!

True story 37 years ago. Plane crashed in the moutain full of ice in Andes. Half of them died instantly. No food, no rescuers, and si-beh cold (si-beh = very). The only chances of survival is to eat “meat”. What meat? The meat of the guy sitting next to you before the plane crashed! And ‘luckily’ the weather is so cold that it becomes a natural fridge to the “meat” to keep their “freshness”.

If you decide to eat, you will surely start with a stranger. What if there are no more strangers? If you have a dead family member, do you allow others to .. (i can’t even type the word)… it? Is it “right” or “wrong” to eat corpses to survive? If it is wrong then why do we eat chicken corpses, cow corpses and pig corpses? If it is right then why you don’t you let people e.. your wife? (yucks) You have to imagine that you are si-beh cold and si-beh hungry in the middle of the mountain for several days. You may not want to eat, but what if you have kids with you that are si-beh cold and si-beh hungry? How do you decide for them?

They are rescued 72 days later and many live until today. Story here.

Titanic and The Safe Boats

If a safe boat can only takes 30 people and you already have 50 on it and then there are 1,000 people more in the freezing sea trying to climb up to your boat, what do you do? Whacked everyone who try to climb up the boat? What if the one who try to climb up is your husband? Whacked him too? Or whack the one trying to whack him? What if you are in the water? Are you going to try to climb up the boat too (and being whacked) or will you say, “Let me die here so I won’t sink their boat. It is not ‘that’ cold anywhere.”  When you are in deep pain, when you are struggling deeply, can you still think? Or maybe you will try to bribe the boat to let you in?

Sent Him To The Police Station?

If you catch a thieve, will you send him to the police or let him go? The theive recognize your face (and your wife, your daughter and your baby). He knows where you live and tell you that, one day he is going to come back to you. If you are heroism where everything must be ‘white white white’ type of guy, you will send him to the police. But what after that? Will you be wondering is you house still safe? Is he coming back? Why your wife haven’t come back yet …

If You Eat The Pig… If You Slaugther a Cow…

If you are a muslim and there is no food for days but only pork, and you have wife and kids with you, do you eat? Do you let your kids eat? If you are a Hinduism and a cow is the only food you have for the entire village, do you slaughter it? If you are a Buddishm who can’t kill and there is a lion chasing after a group of shool kids, can you kill the lion?

What Happens At The End?

At the end, life is so fucking challenging. We all seems to be so confuse in this world and we have to make all sort of decisions everyday that we don’t know if it is right or wrong. And then some more somehow, someone will come to your blog, read your post and get so pissed off that he wrote this comment to you

your web suck fuck cibai lancau teo your mother. your mother whole family are prostitue gigolo. cibai u what the fuck you do. hamkaling think u so geng a cibai. hamkachan teo your mama really a prostitue many people teo wan. you are not your father children la cibai !!!!!!!!!! fuck you bitch

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I know I am “wrong” but I still want to give him ..l..

I accidentally stumble upon this 2 videos. Both of them have some kind of magic that keep drawing my attention. I really don’t know what to say about them. Are they ‘similar’ or are they ‘contrast’? I don’t know, but I want to hear what you want to say. You will learn 2 words after watching them. First word “GEEGEEGEEGEE”. Second word “Yatta!”. :)

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